Meet the most sophisticated octopus in the world

This octopus carries shells wherever it goes and uses them as shelters. That's the fascinating behavior observed recently by scientists.

28/05/2019 8:24 AMupdated: 28/05/2019 8:25 AM


  • Sarah Y.
    7 minutes

    Cool but creepy

  • Noeme A.
    19 minutes

    ikaw mani ohhh hahaha

  • Juliana E.
    19 minutes


  • Delilah J.
    19 minutes

    They are such an amazing and intelligent creature!

  • Helen O.
    21 minutes

    Fascinating creatures

  • Liz G.
    22 minutes

    So smart!!

  • Robert K.
    22 minutes

    Another creature smarter than Trump supporters! Although there are parallels between Trumpers and cockroaches!

  • Lynn C.
    22 minutes

    They are such fascinating, clever creatures!

  • Karlos A.
    25 minutes

    I have see octopus open a sealed jar to get lunch inside..... And run on land to the ocean

  • Bernadette D.
    25 minutes

    I never thought an octopus running with a shell would be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, but here we are 😍😍😍

  • Joni H.
    28 minutes

    Clever these Octopies!

  • Lily C.
    34 minutes


  • Gary M.
    36 minutes


  • Allan K.
    38 minutes

    It was all very awesome until the one living in a busted glass we threw in the water.

  • C M.
    40 minutes

    Could this be because octopuses like squid used to have shells and lost them through evolution? The same as humans wearing clothes because we lost our fur.

  • Sally S.
    43 minutes

    They are very smart.

  • Charles W.
    an hour

    my favorite is Otto who learned to turn the aquarium lights off at night.

  • Greg J.
    an hour

    ? ?

  • Kathy W.
    an hour


  • Jo D.
    an hour


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