Switching Gears, This Man Only Drives Backward

This man only drives backwards. To fuel this mission, he has four reverse gears and only one to go forward. 🚗

13/10/2018 10:01 AM
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  • Raheel M.
    16/02/2019 17:09

    He is even putting others life at risk

  • V'vek S.
    09/02/2019 08:13

    If you remember.. Anil the driver 😂😂

  • Shivom K.
    14/01/2019 18:22

    ye raha tere mohalle vala.😂

  • Amardeep S.
    10/01/2019 03:30

    remember when we did this in the 90's 🤣

  • Junaid N.
    25/12/2018 16:02

    der ba weene pa de dunya k

  • Arun K.
    22/12/2018 22:46

    Shehzad Zaver

  • Raunak M.
    12/12/2018 03:59

    don’t we know one such a person?🤣

  • Sajjad A.
    21/11/2018 13:07


  • Sanga T.
    21/11/2018 05:43

    You should be so clever to reach that stupidity level.He didn't knew that his neck would pain if he constantly try to turn around.

  • Anish D.
    20/11/2018 19:02


  • Kashif A.
    20/11/2018 12:35

    Special kind of chutiya!

  • Chandra N.
    19/11/2018 05:53

    bhatinda rocks

  • Gopaldas V.
    18/11/2018 21:55

    Needs counseling

  • Sudhanshu S.
    18/11/2018 19:56

    bhatinda ja ke ride le iski :D ...

  • Prathamesh B.
    18/11/2018 19:30

    's disciple.

  • Prathamesh J.
    18/11/2018 17:44

    take notes

  • Himanshu D.
    18/11/2018 17:03

    is he a relative of ?

  • Kamkhohao S.
    18/11/2018 15:42

    He is going back ward. Just like our economy. Jai Modi sarkar 🤠

  • Spandan B.
    18/11/2018 15:38

    My gel pen stopped working. So now, I write with only gel pens.

  • Anacho U.
    18/11/2018 09:48

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