The Reality Behind Bollywood's Glamour

What happens to an actor if he stops getting films? Sanjay Mishra and Deepak Dobriyal discussed the financial instability and uncertainty many actors face in this interview.

11/04/2021 2:57 PM
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  • Ronald d.
    22/07/2021 07:41

    There are many more people who have suffered due to the coronavirus. These are not the only people in India who have suffered. many people have lost their jobs and they did not get lakhs for a few days work.

  • Pankaj S.
    21/07/2021 04:50

    This pandemic has exposed many film and tv actors that they have very poor financial understandings despite knowing that their industry is highly unpredictable. Mr. has the courage to tell that instead of throwing their money on expensive phones, cars and parties actors should save more n more money for their future. I have also learnt that many of actors don't have enough mediclaims nor do they have life cover forget about investments in mutual funds etc. It's high time for all these actors especially who play character roles or extras, to accept the reality and buy 1) Mediclaim policy of atleast 20 Lac for self n family 2) Term policy of atleast 2Crores 3) Monthly SIP of Ra. 50000 to 100000 in a good Mutual Fund. They must keep a Financial Advisor to tell them various options for savings.

  • Rashmi M.
    18/07/2021 14:12

    Follow for Financial Awareness

  • Rashmi M.
    18/07/2021 14:10

    Savings and the second source of Passive income should be created.

  • Himanshu N.
    18/07/2021 12:46

    , socha aap yaad kar rahe the

  • Dolphine P.
    18/07/2021 01:34

    Trust god 🙏🙌❤💯♥

  • Dolphine P.
    18/07/2021 01:33

    Well said every profession has high low so search solution rather then crying over a split milk work hard save money 💰for a rainy day 👍😀😉😴🙄😄

  • Govind B.
    17/07/2021 17:20

    You are in a such reel life where your delivered service has no value ,Aam Dani athanni kharcha lakho . Rip Surekha Sikri 😔

  • Parminder K.
    17/07/2021 17:00

  • Mohammed E.
    17/07/2021 16:52

    Every profession has a high and low period...actors make more save for hard day's rather then keep on nagging

  • Rudolph M.
    17/07/2021 16:47

    Sanjay Mishra is a fantastic actor, it's a travesty of justice in this hindi film industry that superbly talented and gifted actors have to struggle for roles but films are specially produced for the influential with zero ability save dancing and fight stunts.

  • Alok S.
    17/07/2021 16:43

    That's the reality of many professions. There is no safety net. Hence make hay while the sun shines.

  • Muhammad F.
    17/07/2021 16:42

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  • Neelesh K.
    02/05/2021 10:36

    acting stops then teaching acting starts!!!! :-D

  • Anurag P.
    15/04/2021 07:40

    Faridoon Shahryar ahryar Great interviews , great topics to talk. Much better interviews than any other in the market. Please keep doing this.

  • Cody M.
    15/04/2021 04:47

    You will all still be in the news But a common man do you imagine where will he be without a job

  • Yusuf K.
    15/04/2021 00:36

    Duniya to jabardasti Pagal Hai Asal Mein To Bollywood mein Jindagi jhand hai

  • Rakib M.
    13/04/2021 16:46


  • Chahat V.
    13/04/2021 06:45

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    12/04/2021 19:10

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