Trolls Vs. Mom On Priyanka’s Grammys Gown

“Trolls lack joy in life…. My daughter is beautiful.” Priyanka Chopra’s mom backs her Grammys gown.

02/04/2020 2:17 PMupdated: 02/04/2020 3:33 PM
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  • Samandar D.
    12 hours

    Wow people are hypocrites in the comment section.. what about deepika who wears these kind of dresses alot and no one has made these kind of comments on her posts.. stop hating on her

  • Rukshana G.
    a day

    💋👌🏼It her life. She just bold and beautiful 💋

  • Angeline C.
    a day

    Yup, she sure is beautiful.

  • Shumaila A.
    a day

    Shame prinka Chopra shame indians

  • Mohammed A.
    a day

    Priyanka now looking like a grandmother. Her time is over now.

  • Priya K.
    a day

    Priyanka Chopra ji aap to bina kapde ki v bhut achhe lagte aap kapde pahanane ka kast ku kiye ....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kishan L.
    a day

    Grammys gown ya Granny's gown ?

  • Cynthia R.
    2 days

    She made the dress beautiful just like her.❤️

  • Abdourahman D.
    2 days

    I love her mother's choice of words. Go for it gal😍

  • Yvonne D.
    2 days

    Her chest looks like a man, and to top it she is Indian for God sake don disgrace india

  • Huma M.
    2 days

    i dont understand....whats the push of exposure...being means of showing strength and confidence. Such a theme...been a trend for ever. In further...this obsession with being overwesternised in clothing...culture...entertainment etc. Do we see that happening in the west..where Beautiful Eastern culture is rapidly being adopted.

  • Faiyaz B.
    3 days

    Stupid people

  • Kycooi K.
    3 days

    Better naked will be more beautiful

  • Sam S.
    3 days

    What is she wearing or not its definitely her choice but .... she isn't in her house she is roaming everywhere in this CODITION . Think about whole india not only for a one woman. She is showing her body not her talent . The worst thing is her mother is defending n encouraging her now we all can understand what kind of family she belong to. Not everything is acceptable on the name of rights n liberty . Unfortunately there are so many people supporting her i just want to ask them' do you or any of your family members wears something like hers will you feel comfortable' . Being modern and fashionable is absolutely fine but you can't connect fashion with nudity n vulgarity, both are different from every aspects. She must think about indian values , culture n also religion . We all Indians easily adopt n follow western activities blindly without thinking even once that western people are not always right even they are totally wrong in some of their acts. Our INDIA is best in everything, food culture clothing values religion places education, just need a proper system . We must spread our values , lifestyle our dressing . Do not supprt Nudity, Vulgarity, Swearing thats a curse for India n for new generation.i strongly criticise such inhuman activities

  • Ruwani R.
    3 days

    It looks like a man wearing a t stunning at all.. there are so many dresses she looks attractive..

  • Sarnjit V.
    3 days

    She looked stunning she has a figure why can’t she wear what she wants . People are just jealous . I love that her mum commented on how much she loved her attire .

  • Shabina M.
    3 days

    Personally i think she is stunning bt come on girls put ur privates away save em for ur gubby not show the classy not trashy

  • Mimi W.
    3 days

    I like her dress and I like the mother's support for her daughter.

  • Hiba B.
    3 days


  • Anila P.
    3 days

    Guys shes American now. Behaves like her western counterparts 🤣🤣