Why Indians Fantasize About Switzerland

How Switzerland was forged as a dream destination in the Indian imagination.

05/05/2018 2:30 AM
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  • Rajesh K.
    05/05/2018 03:26

    Bcoz we are dumb as we have our own Switzerland in Gulmarg

  • Arindam S.
    05/05/2018 03:53

    Nowhere close to Kashmir....

  • Suhail A.
    05/05/2018 05:14

    No Match For Kashmir........

  • Hugizzt D.
    05/05/2018 05:19

    Lady - "What did you like about Switzerland the most?" Guy - "The booty, the scenic booty." Lady - "Yeah. Would you cum here again?" Guy - "Yeah. This is the third time I am cuming."

  • Akhilesh P.
    05/05/2018 05:43

    People didn’t seen the Siberia Russia and it’s Beauty...... Million times better than Europe

  • Sufiyan D.
    05/05/2018 05:50

    That's believable... It's a beautiful country and the chocolates are awesome...

  • Vikas V.
    05/05/2018 07:17

    Reason was kashmir was occupied by people sponsored by pakistan and they ruined our beloved kashmir...

  • Sajid A.
    05/05/2018 07:54

    Don't forget Heaven on earth is called ##Kashmir... They all go Switzerland coz going Kashmir is almost forbidden...😂😂😂😂

  • Satya G.
    05/05/2018 08:40

    #DreamDestination #BucketList

  • Hameed A.
    05/05/2018 09:48

    Switzerland indeed is a beautiful destination to visit, why is this offensive to brut or not understood by others? Once in a while, brut decided to be an idiot.

  • Akash A.
    05/05/2018 13:52

    These are not my reasons I swear 😂😂😅😅

  • Mani R.
    05/05/2018 13:58

    fuck up that bloody

  • Gulsher A.
    05/05/2018 14:15

    Only high class person can go there, what about the middle class family ? they can’t go there because its very costly..I belong to a middle class family so it’s like a dream to me 😀

  • Sahabul A.
    05/05/2018 17:43

    Good night

  • Saurabh U.
    05/05/2018 18:00

    So guys nothing special in switzerland be happy in India #beingpoor 😂😂😂

  • Usman A.
    05/05/2018 18:39


  • Shahnawaz H.
    05/06/2018 06:41

    Our NorthEast natural beauty is no less than any other countries.......

  • Bharati M.
    05/06/2018 10:45

    So funny.😀 😂😃😄

  • Deepmanly S.
    05/06/2018 11:34

    And what the fuck did we get from Switzerland? Bollywood a big bunch of Assholes! !

  • Sunil S.
    05/06/2018 12:45

    India me afwaah failaane ka chalan saddiyon se hai. Yahaan to afwaah ko satya sidh karna hi safalta hai