• Nazir J.
    02/12/2018 14:48

    They know about Condom.But they dont want to have girls.Now days rape Crime increases I feel shame to mention that few days back news was 8month baby raped.this what our Country passing through.And Govt; May be enjoying.🍁

  • Akashdeep D.
    02/12/2018 11:20

    Thats because the poor and uneducated people don't know what condom is.

  • Rajluxmi M.
    12/21/2017 10:25

    abortion is not murder.. when people cant afford another baby.. when health of baby is not well... bt abortion is murder when people kill it just bcoz of its a girl... contriceptive n other things r not 100 percent secure... so if any couple thinks its not a good idea to have another child so they can abort it.. with safe medical way

  • Sush A.
    12/21/2017 06:56

    Very painful...sad..

  • Aanchal T.
    12/21/2017 04:38

    what disgrace

  • Pankaj S.
    12/21/2017 04:29

    In rural areas are condition worse

  • Anamika T.
    12/21/2017 04:25

    Its really very sad

  • Swetang N.
    12/21/2017 03:01

    First of all why you need a abortion let the new life take place let it come in to this world I know still in our country maximum number of abortion are done just because of baby girl but I wNt to tell that idiot fathers and familys that baby is a gift of Godard special baby girl is super gift of god no one can take place of girl remember you can call you girl beta but you can not cool your boy bati so pleas stop abortion save the child support the women not for having abortion If I would be lwa Minister I would pass the bill and stop the abortion system in in my country

  • Ayuti Y.
    12/21/2017 02:50


  • Prabhu S.
    12/21/2017 02:46

    Abortion is legal in India, if the foetus is affected in uterus or abnormality in parts of Corpus, mother's can do it before the foetus was <20 weeks, in some cases courts ordering to abort >20 weeks foetus also, it's better to get nothing, instead of abnormal child..

  • Sarfaraz K.
    12/20/2017 20:56

    Women is not safe in india in any condition but more then dozen innocent people killed by animal lover. Incradible India

  • Amtul Q.
    12/20/2017 17:46

    Its shocking

  • Nida S.
    12/20/2017 17:32

    log kyu shadiyan karte Hain?! Phaltu ki zabardasti.

  • Aasish G.
    12/20/2017 17:05

    See I told u.. there are so many reasons..🙂

  • AS A.
    12/20/2017 15:45

    And govt bans condom ads in TVs.....

  • Lipika K.
    12/20/2017 15:25

    this is so sad

  • Prashant K.
    12/20/2017 15:10

    Murderer ...

  • Meghna B.
    12/20/2017 14:34


  • Manish K.
    12/20/2017 13:37

    It's the shame on our part,,,,,we should always develop an attitude of never to commit a crime,,,,,that crime is a murder,,,,

  • DrJohnson B.
    12/20/2017 13:29

    Abortive drugs are easily available in pharmacies and even online. People just go and take it. Even though there are laws on abortion practically it is not followed at all. There should be proper norms of selling the drugs