Abortion In India

A new study revealed a shocking statistic: abortion in India is 22 times more common than the government's estimate.

12/20/2017 11:21 AM
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  • Parth P.
    12/20/2017 12:34

    Abortion is murder! Studies show that the unborn child is perfectly able to feel pain which it is subjected to while being mercilessly torn apart during abortion! Why are people so stupid? If you don't want an unwanted pregnancy, use a damn contraceptive! This is a perfect example which tells us that sex education in India needs to be given a boost! I feel sorry for the poor unborn children who are killed even before they're born! And shame on such people whose actions lead to the need of abortion!

  • Pratyasha K.
    12/20/2017 12:46

    Have encountered families and mothers.... Who have even asked if the abortus was boy or girl....if u say girl....they say thank god! Yes pathetic.... Mostly the women who come for abortion are either from very orthodox background or the ones below poverty line so.... Hope the law makers n policy makers use their wisdom to stop this instead of pointing out on the statistics of rising c section.... C section is done at the family's wish not our choice no one ones to wear gowns, prepare for ot at wee hours it's easy to say push push n let the baby come out

  • Nisha P.
    12/20/2017 12:47


  • DrJohnson B.
    12/20/2017 13:29

    Abortive drugs are easily available in pharmacies and even online. People just go and take it. Even though there are laws on abortion practically it is not followed at all. There should be proper norms of selling the drugs

  • Manish K.
    12/20/2017 13:37

    It's the shame on our part,,,,,we should always develop an attitude of never to commit a crime,,,,,that crime is a murder,,,,

  • Asiya S.
    12/20/2017 14:19

    Ye dekho

  • Meghna B.
    12/20/2017 14:34


  • Akilan Y.
    12/20/2017 15:07

    India edhula ellam record pannudhu 😢

  • Prashant K.
    12/20/2017 15:10

    Murderer ...

  • Lipika K.
    12/20/2017 15:25

    this is so sad

  • Yezz J.
    12/20/2017 15:35

    Vaishnavi Manasa

  • Aasish G.
    12/20/2017 17:05

    See I told u.. there are so many reasons..🙂

  • Sunita A.
    12/20/2017 17:12

    Really pathetic

  • Nida S.
    12/20/2017 17:32

    log kyu shadiyan karte Hain?! Phaltu ki zabardasti.

  • Sãqlâíñ M.
    12/20/2017 17:35

    Kash ke modi ji ispe dhyan de.beti bachegi tabhito padhegi

  • Bejoy B.
    12/20/2017 17:43

    & this retard government banning condom commercials...we need more & more awareness...

  • Amtul Q.
    12/20/2017 17:46

    Its shocking

  • Sarfaraz K.
    12/20/2017 20:56

    Women is not safe in india in any condition but more then dozen innocent people killed by animal lover. Incradible India

  • Prabhu S.
    12/21/2017 02:46

    Abortion is legal in India, if the foetus is affected in uterus or abnormality in parts of Corpus, mother's can do it before the foetus was <20 weeks, in some cases courts ordering to abort >20 weeks foetus also, it's better to get nothing, instead of abnormal child..

  • Ayuti Y.
    12/21/2017 02:50