• ஆனந்த் ம.
    04/02/2020 08:54

    அட மாட்டுகாற பு...

  • Tanmoy K.
    25/02/2018 14:19

    people will love toilet urine

  • Amarjit S.
    25/02/2018 12:49

    there are people fighting for life in hospital in UP and then there are these.....

  • Rajkumar D.
    25/02/2018 10:35

    Congress sponsored media channel

  • Hruaia K.
    25/02/2018 10:34

    Was cow urine used by brahmins to power their spaceships for interplanetary travel during the Vedic Ages

  • Davis D.
    25/02/2018 07:44

    People Complaining how there's so much views and not comments or likes surely have no clue how face book promotions work

  • Ali K.
    25/02/2018 06:43

    Fucking cow pissssssss drinker Rapistani Endians drinking urine instead of milk lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Murtaza S.
    25/02/2018 06:24

    Hatao yaar isko... Kis gadhe ko CM bana Diya...

  • Aamir R.
    25/02/2018 04:21

    Never buying medicines in UP thats for sure

  • Shailendra P.
    24/02/2018 20:28

    The only medicine that cow urine can help in making is called 'Gun Powder' which all the insane individuals of India deserves to be shot with.

  • Nazir J.
    24/02/2018 17:40

    HAR DARD KI Ak DAWA Cow Urine Medicine.wow great.🍁

  • Rachana R.
    24/02/2018 17:14

    How authentic is this post ? Have they really done it?

  • Samir S.
    24/02/2018 16:46

    Scientists.. 😀😆😜

  • H N.
    24/02/2018 16:41

    ಬೆಲೆ ಕಟ್ಟಲಾಗದ ಜೀವ.

  • Pragati G.
    24/02/2018 16:04


  • Mohammed A.
    24/02/2018 15:44

    make what you want but plz specify it.. so that i can avoid buying it..

  • Hasaf K.
    24/02/2018 15:41

    😂 come back to India... The future is here, 😂

  • Abraham B.
    24/02/2018 14:45

    Well it seems like everyone who ever commented here are just bothered about reposting the same issue and not bothered drinking cows urine

  • Nishant O.
    24/02/2018 14:41

    Naaaah,,its nothing,,check out the peaceful brother ,consuming it directly from the source. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P1CpcUlzaAw

  • T A.
    24/02/2018 14:40

    Why not administer cow urine to Parikar ? CM of Goa has gone to USA for treatment...

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