Delhi Pollution 90s Throwback

Delhiites can barely breathe. Here is what they said about pollution in the 90s.

06/11/2019 3:51 PMupdated: 06/11/2019 3:54 PM
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  • Shamsher S.
    30/11/2019 15:13

    Abhi 2029 mein dekhte hain kya hoga

  • Rocky S.
    30/11/2019 14:07

    Hmare Dhanbad Jharkhand Me bhi kabhi ao or pardushan dikhao ya sirf delhi ki pardushan dikhte he pure desh ko.

  • Yengmi S.
    30/11/2019 09:11

    Nobody realised about the crackers they blast in the name of God n polluting the air . I have seen it on Diwali night the whole city is covered with smoke . That pollute more than vehical in one year

  • Ali M.
    30/11/2019 02:44

    And our govt is busy creating mandirs and playing divide n rule. They are hired to build statues and roam the entire world with our tax money. No air purifiers install in the city.

  • Kalimullahkhan K.
    29/11/2019 19:12

    Yeh zehrili hawa to dehli me sadyo se ho rahi h..yeh koi naya nahi h... But aaj jo dehli ki isthiti h wo pehle se bohot better h..aur bhi bohot si technology se dehli me climate ka sudhar ho raha h👍👍

  • Manoj K.
    29/11/2019 08:12

    Who cares we are Indians

  • Santosh K.
    29/11/2019 07:16

    Modi is responsible

  • पूजन त.
    29/11/2019 04:42

    You reap what you sow

  • Vinod D.
    28/11/2019 08:02

    Hrek Ghar me gay ke ghee se hawan kre It's last option for Delhi Do or die

  • Teli S.
    27/11/2019 07:36

    I'm lucky person who born into be Arunachal pradesh. Not in delhi.. Thank god..

  • Kan J.
    26/11/2019 12:16

    Nt only plant trees bt wat abt da plastic n waste dat surrounds Delhi... Today v talk abt Delhi bt tommorw we'll see our entire country being polluted.. So, pls lts nt waste time bt plan for our tomorrow.. 😓😓😔😔

  • Navjot B.
    26/11/2019 10:43

    1 car mei 1 bnda baitha uneducated people use electrical cars or bikes only way to reduce pollution

  • Kaushik S.
    26/11/2019 08:54

    eta dekh

  • Shahanshah S.
    26/11/2019 07:49

    Godi media go back🤣🤣🤣

  • शिवम् र.
    26/11/2019 06:06

    Kaun Madharchod hass rhe hain Ye majak Ni hai.

  • Capson R.
    26/11/2019 05:56

    पहले दिल्ली चलो अब दिल्ली छोड़ो की नोबात आ गई

  • Nagaraj N.
    25/11/2019 07:20

    20 50 all world unlevel city

  • Sonam L.
    25/11/2019 05:56

    This is epedemic . Happening demographically. We cant prevent from occuring all this . Because we humans have played a russian roulettee. In the end we all suffer n die. I wish earth could give birth .

  • Varun K.
    24/11/2019 09:52

    Still I love my Delhi the most

  • Ismail S.
    23/11/2019 16:32

    start ki music sun ke laga ki abhi " tere darshan bade zrori " wala gana bajega .