Drumstick Plant Isn't Just Great For Sambar

Could this Indian plant bring clean water to millions? 🌱💧

07/02/2018 1:30 AM
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  • Rajeevsingh L.
    08/03/2018 14:24

    It is exported to US @ 21000$ per ton from india ,munga leaves in dried form

  • Vatsal K.
    07/24/2018 18:11

    mam.... Healthy n scientific discussion on this topic is needed

  • J S.
    07/20/2018 12:52


  • Amit K.
    07/19/2018 13:44

    Might be of some interest to you. :)

  • Raju S.
    07/15/2018 19:01


  • Sudesh S.
    07/15/2018 09:09

    Moorings plants are not only purified but also extremely good for detoxication

  • Yasar A.
    07/15/2018 09:02

    Sambaar Sambaar...😜😜😜

  • Sundar R.
    07/15/2018 06:17

    Once it's proved..there will be another post will spread that keeping drumsticks tree at home will spread this disease and that disease..later some asshole foregin company will take patent for using it in their concept to make cleanest water...and our govt will impose ban on keep the tree in private property or Fields... Assholes

  • Alok S.
    07/15/2018 04:27

    Few westerners are coming to India learning from us then go back to they own country to do some research, frame some jargons, get a copyright and then teach the world as if they have invented/discovered it

  • Milankumar M.
    07/15/2018 04:10

    ... Hahahha

  • Ganesh K.
    07/15/2018 02:09

    It is called सहजन in bihar, we use the drumstick as vegetable and leaves for Pakodas.

  • Sudipa R.
    07/14/2018 10:17

    The whole tree is useful..we eat the leaves as saag...its flowers. .drumsticks. very good for arthritis. .the oil made out of the tree bark..drumsticks and the leaves and root helps immensely in eradicating pain and useful even in arthritis pain

  • Richa P.
    07/14/2018 08:50

    Is this bamboo?🤔

  • Sahil R.
    07/14/2018 08:22


  • Ashwini S.
    07/14/2018 06:51

    Isko CG me munga bolte hai

  • Khursheed A.
    07/14/2018 05:37

    miraculous plant

  • Bhabanisankar G.
    07/14/2018 05:13

    I have 3 tress at home...😊😊😊🤗

  • Ashwin M.
    07/14/2018 04:37

    Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj used this to store and purify water during his reign.

  • Langonjam C.
    07/13/2018 19:31

    Bradar yam kanaba marudoo nahangi

  • Venkatesh V.
    07/13/2018 15:27