India Confronts Child Rape

These images highlight India's moment of reckoning with child sexual assault.

04/24/2018 10:00 AM
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  • Masood R.
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  • Md I.
    04/24/2018 10:51

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  • Jitender S.
    04/24/2018 11:11

    May your soul rest in peace.

  • Banajit S.
    04/24/2018 11:16

    Paedophilia is a mental disorder, by just amending law it won't stop. We have to search of its rootcause. We have to diagnose this sickness. More people should have to come out. By strict law it will just suppress the sickness . Govt should analyse this issue through medical way.

  • Mahender C.
    04/24/2018 11:23

    Same on Bjp government

  • Pradipta M.
    04/24/2018 11:24

    Nation want's more ,,,

  • Shantanu A.
    04/24/2018 11:52

    protest for syria in kashmir?

  • Sanjay V.
    04/24/2018 11:55

  • Sanjay V.
    04/24/2018 11:56

    The only brother of six sisters, father of two married daughters, Sanji Ram stands accused of orchestrating one of the most heinous and rarest of rare crimes committed against the girl child in the recent, collective memory of the Indian nation. His depravity is underscored by the fact that he allegedly hatched the devious plan of abducting and mercilessly killing an eight-year-old girl of the nomadic Gujjar-Bakerwal Muslim community in order to instil fear in them to such an extent they leave the area forever. Sanji’s crime is accentuated by the fact that he picked the abode of his family deities - devasthan, the holy place where he has been a pujari for decades - for perpetrating it. That’s not all. He recruited his nephew as a protagonist in this criminal saga in which his son, studying in far away Meerut, also later joined and abetted in raping and killing the poor girl. And when the going got tough, he agreed to throw his juvenile nephew under the bus and make him the fall guy. Under pressure, he broke like an egg and sang like a canary revealing the whole plan to the cops, leading to arrest of all the eight accused. This is, essentially, what the charge sheet in the infamous Kathua rape tells us. Not everyone is buying it. Certainly, not the locals. They don’t trust the crime branch and are terming the charge sheet as ‘filmy kahani’ cooked up by cops in the lockup by coercing the accused to weave the narrative that suits the political bosses in Srinagar. Hence, the protest calling for a CBI investigation. Sanji Ram's elder daughter Madhubala has been on a hunger strike since 31 March. She is joined by scores of Rasana residents, men and women, who are sitting firm under a big peepal tree on Kootah Mod demanding a fair enquiry by the central agency. Read On

  • Sanjay V.
    04/24/2018 11:57

    Is ethnic cleansing of Hindus happening in #Jammu? The malcontent leftists, Lutyens media, urban naxalites are showing a blind eye to such acts; GOI should take care to prevent such cleansing.. Kathua outrage is to demonise people of Jammu so that their protests against presence of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis in Jammu lack credibility. The outrage is make people discuss the alleged rape and not the impact of the February 14, 2018 circular that instructs the police not to evict the Gujjars and Bakerwals from encroachment on forest lands and arrest them when found indulging in bovine smuggling. A former BSF official said that already madrasas are cropping up for nomadic people and students are also coming from Valley, that too in the heart of Hindu majority villages.

  • Cedric M.
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  • Arshad K.
    04/24/2018 12:06

    अल्लाह जन्नत में अला से अला मुकाम दे

  • Rakshanda R.
    04/24/2018 12:23

    So sad

  • Hafiz M.
    04/24/2018 12:50

    Allahu Akbar

  • Jolen P.
    04/24/2018 13:13

    Fir b government so rhi hai..

  • Nazir J.
    04/24/2018 13:36

    Without understanding guys start giving their comments.the countries behavior has totally changed those days has gone when females were Nowwalking all alone in mid night.Females were respected.🍁

  • Niranjan P.
    04/24/2018 13:46

    Muslims are mainly responsible for kids rape. As their religion would not restrict and endorses this kind of heinous act in the name of custom.

  • Ashraful H.
    04/24/2018 13:51

    Just feel the pain of the victims who suffered with this for one second, we failed to protect them..not only this we are protecting the complicit, how they feel...only because victims are not from our family. .please think they are human being. .one side we worship God the face devi and other side this kind of crime. .how can we show the face to our God.all rapist of childrens should be punish the death penalty..please don't find religion ,caste ,and political issues. Please thinks as human being for our little , innocent girls of our country. . Please give them right to live ..

  • Pankaj K.
    04/24/2018 14:22

    What the public actually want? Before law... Midi has no family then how he can feel. After ammendment in law.. Modi has no family then he can't feel. In both statement emotion is similar, meaning is similar for a common man. But some highly educated,elite society, leftist having such reply. Mrs. Karat- phansi ki saja manavta ke viprit hai. Fully opposing. Mr ashtosh from aap also opposing. Now a simple question from all of us... What we actual want... We protested for strong law.. Govt approved then why all are silent atonce. We are not able to accept ki itna jaldi kaise ho gaya.

  • Pankaj K.
    04/24/2018 14:26

    Rana ayub ke recent tweet dekh le on law. Sab kuchh saaf ho jaega.