• Anish T.
    04/03/2018 11:38

    You mean the traffic will start moving from the front even if the person at the back of the line in a signal doesn't blow the horn continuously ?

  • Kunj S.
    03/02/2018 06:28

    atleast some credit goes to our family also

  • Aaditya D.
    03/02/2018 04:38

    , here's some more analysis

  • Jagadish R.
    03/02/2018 04:36

    Not surprising.... You can find people honking even for speed breakers on roads in India.

  • Yogesh C.
    03/02/2018 04:16

    Vipul Parmar proud bc😂😂❤❤

  • Mavaram D.
    03/02/2018 04:15


  • Somenath R.
    03/02/2018 03:52

    Why illegal industrial activities and wagon breaking not in the presentation.I myself is facing the same infront of my residence for 30 years,where the wagon breaking ground is encircled by residential appartments.WBPCB is a sold Board of West Bengal.Just to form a Board to combat pollution is what the State PCBs are,so that infront of United Nations norms India can show ;how much concerned they are for Global Pollution.

  • Rupam R.
    03/02/2018 03:50

    India wants to become rockstar!

  • Kadak B.
    03/02/2018 03:33

    Don't worry guys ,,be chill,, nothing is going to change We all gonna die for sure😎😎😎

  • Ravi B.
    03/02/2018 02:24

    Admin did not mentioned sound coming from mosque during azaan.

  • Sambhav K.
    03/02/2018 00:08

    Idhaar increment population mein ho raha hai Aur unemployment mein bhi

  • Mayur
    02/02/2018 22:08

    Global warming is a hoax to Indians and to even consider noise pollution is 😂😂🖕🏼

  • Róòman K.
    02/02/2018 21:49

    Mumbai lol super true😟

  • Arijit D.
    02/02/2018 21:43

    Mfs Indian..... Niggazzzz

  • Monu K.
    02/02/2018 21:37

    But Ye Fact Hai Not To Be End 🙈🤦‍♂️☝️👆👊

  • Tarak R.
    02/02/2018 21:23


  • Deepak S.
    02/02/2018 21:22

    gand felaya hua hai

  • Sujoy D.
    02/02/2018 21:01


  • Gaurav K.
    02/02/2018 20:21

    Sab bolte hai, par karta koi nahi. Kyuki sab karte hai

  • Siva C.
    02/02/2018 20:17

    Jaddumahanthi Vinay

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