Indian Leaders Seem Careless During Second Wave

"When people are old, they die," said this state minister when asked about Madhya Pradesh's Covid-19 deaths. But he wasn't the only politician who seemed less concerned than required as India crossed a record 2 lakh daily cases.

15/04/2021 4:42 PM
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  • Siddharth B.
    28/04/2021 06:00

    Rishi Bhandari

  • Doren M.
    22/04/2021 06:21

    Acche din time please vote wisely...

  • Herman A.
    21/04/2021 11:10

    I will vote for BJP on 26-Apr-2021 at Kolkata. BJP is against Muslims and it will derive Hindus out of Danger. I support Modi, Shah, Yogi.

  • Roella C.
    21/04/2021 10:32

    Let him get covid and be denied the medical treatment

  • Parafin T.
    21/04/2021 08:24

    Kum ke melaaaa

  • Esther J.
    21/04/2021 02:58

    Thera bhi number aayega.

  • Bhawna S.
    20/04/2021 17:00

    Bloody moron cant even speak the word mask properly

  • MD R.
    20/04/2021 04:54

    When u give vote in name of temple then this type of illiterate will be their to welcome u in grave yard

  • Yuva R.
    20/04/2021 03:59

    When our peoples support religion politics we all failed.It's only our mistake second time BJP come to the power . India losing the identity

  • Mohsina P.
    19/04/2021 15:37

    Uneducated leaders ko vote doge to aise hi bhashan denge

  • Binoy P.
    19/04/2021 14:20

    V muralidhran big gold smuggler in India

  • Sanku R.
    19/04/2021 10:08

    Age to app ka v huwa hain , Chale jaon app v 😛😛😛😂

  • Samir R.
    19/04/2021 09:23

    Unpadh gawar hi aise statement de sakte hai

  • Azaz L.
    19/04/2021 08:45

    Mein toh suna tha chutiyo ka koi gaw ya seher nahi hota hI Lekin ab pata chala ke sala yaha toh pura desh hi cutiyo se bharapada hai khas krke politicians

  • Mohammad I.
    19/04/2021 03:34

    Tu bhi kyu nhi mar jata bsdk

  • Esther K.
    18/04/2021 23:08

    So if u die by corona unfortunately do not blame anyone Sir ..its because u are old enough and have to die either way..

  • Ghulam A.
    18/04/2021 19:06

    Ham logon ne nahin chuna hai inhe in logon ne sarkar gira ke paise or power ke dam par government hasil ki hai to ham logo ko bihariyo ki tarah chutiya na bolo...🤣😂

  • Fahad H.
    18/04/2021 16:47

    Teri jhak marne mantri bana hai kya

  • Raveena K.
    18/04/2021 15:48

    Shame on such thinking😪

  • Aman P.
    18/04/2021 15:26

    We deserve him..Its the state choice..

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