• Vivek A.
    27/10/2017 06:18

    pallet kyu istemaal karte ho... 😡 aglibaar real bullet use karna ... salale haramzade mere desh ki army pe patthar fekte hai aur baad me bolte hai k gumne nikla thaaa. dekhne nikla tha aise mc ko to headshot maarna chahiye 😡

  • Abhilash B.
    22/10/2017 19:05

    If they have so much of sense why are they not allowing kashmiri pandits to settle down.

  • Noor C.
    18/10/2017 10:37

    Bitter Reality , the indian dont have guts to ackonwledge and accept insteadthey will make a noise and try to propogate it as consiperncy of Pak.

  • Kishan S.
    13/10/2017 14:30

    Ur affection towards your religion is saying these words..where were there journalists when n numbers of kashmiris pandits were slaughtered,raped and those who were left alive were kicked away from kashmir that tooo in a democratic country..why such dual standards???

  • Ibtisam A.
    29/09/2017 07:36

    Fuck you callous indians you dont have even a pigment of humanity. India can't be remain integral anymore. Indian state terrorism will faded soon and kashmir khalistan nagaland and other freedom seekers will be free from oppression and brutality

  • Vikash S.
    29/09/2017 01:43

    Pellet mat maaro ...goli maaro madarchodo ko .....

  • Nitin N.
    29/09/2017 01:31

    In this type of situation, why do they get out of their homes??

  • Riyaz A.
    26/09/2017 07:09


  • Rishabh P.
    25/09/2017 11:15

    Dont want to get killed? Then stop becoming terrorists you messed up scums.

  • Abdul B.
    24/09/2017 13:38

    Mar padayge. .chup raho gee

  • Nidhi V.
    24/09/2017 00:22

    Yes right! What nonsense is this! These people are humans. How can anyone hurt them. The man in uniform is made of plastic. These people can throw stones on them, abuse them, throw petrol bombs on them, slap them because soldiers don't have human rights and feelings. But how could anyone react to these things. How can they use pellets to stop them. So actually soldiers asked people to come out of homes so that they can shoot them with pellets and people agreed!! Stop this tamasha please.

  • Bob S.
    23/09/2017 21:02

    Only solution is to resettle Hindus from rest of the country into J&K and reduce these stone pelters into a tiny and insignificant minority

  • Anup S.
    23/09/2017 17:40

    Anti nationals must be treated in such ways

  • Amit D.
    23/09/2017 14:50

    Don't let them go, kill these basterds....

  • Ravi S.
    23/09/2017 11:14

    you do anything to the soldiers and it's ok,and when they retaliate to save themselves. ...clowns like Barkha dutta come to support them

  • Akshay M.
    23/09/2017 10:21

    When our soldiers get wounded by these protesters then where was this bloody separatist Barkha....

  • Rakesh R.
    23/09/2017 09:54

    Jhoote log jhooti vardaat jhooti ye reporter

  • Bina C.
    23/09/2017 08:42

    Ese behuda clipping post jo karta hai usko Pakistan chale jana chaahiye.

  • Muneesh S.
    23/09/2017 07:43

    Dekhne jaatey hain ke log bas... kartey To kuch bhi Nahi.... Bahot masoom hain ye log tabhi jam ke thukaai ho rahi hai inki 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gaurav R.
    23/09/2017 06:56

    Saap jehrila ho ya na ho, jabh samne aata he toh dande toh padhege hi. . . Ab pellet gun se shoot karne se phle poonche kya ki bhaiya protest larne aaye ho ya bss ese hi majhe majhe nikal aaye.

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