• Ugyen L.
    5 days

    don’t get scared when you see next time . They cure disease 🙂

  • Aardra R.
    17/11/2021 06:38

    Leech therapy is a traditional practice in Ayurveda and here some 'enlightened' people just consider it as a pseudoscience 🥴

  • Roberto A.
    13/11/2021 06:43

    I know a 5.4' bigger leeache ..but no his name..that I wish I Don't WANNA MEET EVER😂🤣😂WHO LOVES TO SUK..You KNOW WHAT🤣😂🤣

  • Muhammad N.
    20/10/2021 17:10


  • Alam P.
    20/10/2021 16:49

    I was in matrial art camp at midschool, then a pshycal exercise made a student having blood clot. My team leader want to make small puncture on it to let the blood out. But then the teacher grab couple of leeches and put it on the swollen area. Wathing leeches work Its like watching magic of nature.

  • Lisya S.
    16/10/2021 02:56


  • Tyke C.
    26/09/2021 04:45

    para sa imo papa goy oh

  • Shaik L.
    25/06/2021 01:07

    Nature is fascinating

  • Catzee
    05/05/2021 02:06

    Everything in this world has some purpose 👍

  • Simon L.
    02/05/2021 15:22

    yeh nah

  • Heathryn J.
    02/05/2021 02:02

    Yep they're pretty creepy. I was in a pond one time and didn't know anything about leeches as a teen until I came out and had a few on my legs, freaked me out when I found out what they were and what they were doing to me, and I like bugs and critters, but not these.

  • Uni C.
    02/05/2021 00:25

    Very informative. Thank you for sharing.

  • Gulden L.
    30/04/2021 20:06


  • David W.
    29/04/2021 19:15

    Just horrible!!

  • Antonio R.
    29/04/2021 15:07

    At the beginning of the last century they had the same opinion. Then they found out otherwise

  • Robyn A.
    29/04/2021 11:13

    I would toss my cookies if they were put on me.

  • Lim J.
    29/04/2021 08:47


  • Brenda B.
    29/04/2021 05:15

    Interesting but rather disturbing. Will have to ask more questions if I have any operations.

  • Irene M.
    29/04/2021 05:02

    I wonder if there are leeches lost during operations😬

  • Shannon M.
    28/04/2021 23:23

    my very worst nightmare

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