Remembering The Worst Industrial Accident In The World

35 years ago today, the people of Bhopal woke up gasping for breath in the middle of the night. The city turned into a mausoleum in the days that followed. Decades later, Bhopalis are still fighting for justice.

03/12/2019 6:15 AM
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  • Sathis B.
    13/12/2018 03:20

    we should feel shame on IPC, It dosent created to protect people I this this case is gone for 25 years but no justice. Our Judicial is not protecting our people ( if same thing happens in America what will be the DOW position) . out India law is very cheaper than a prostution.

  • Ravneet S.
    12/12/2018 21:30

    Huge population ... corrupt and uneducated ministers ....what else do you expect the product to be ....

  • Richa S.
    12/12/2018 11:07

    Who helped the culprit to escape ???

  • Rachna J.
    12/12/2018 00:57

    still the people of MP have voted for the congress... shame

  • Vasantha P.
    11/12/2018 16:54

    This is a real shame to our country.. No justice and no proper enquiry because they need powerful people by their side and they don't have a courage to question them .such a tragedy which curses generation's.....

  • Pranita B.
    11/12/2018 11:07

    Government should work towards betterment of these people..

  • Kush V.
    09/12/2018 04:28

    Deepesh Sahu

  • Abhishek C.
    08/12/2018 14:38

    Gyan from gyanis .but is Desh ka kuch nahin hoga. That's 💯% garuanteed. Try it keep posting and keep trying nothing will come out ,instead of sharing try to keep your near abouts happy clean and trouble free.

  • Swati V.
    08/12/2018 07:44

    The most horrible catastrophe in Indian History

  • Kathyrn S.
    08/12/2018 00:51

    Horrible poisoning of those who lived too close to the Chemical Plant! Compensation absolutely should be a part of every terrible disaster! I feel for them!

  • Alokchitra G.
    07/12/2018 15:35

    This is one of the best example of industrial disaster, why India still following industrialisation, even in bigger cities like Delhi, Mumbai, bangalore, kolkata the pollution level, the industrial waste is in alarming state, we don't talk about it, our children are not safe, neither adult or senior citizens. Govt is ignoring everyday.....

  • Avi N.
    07/12/2018 13:28

    Every year same video comes up.. Rather fight for people and give them their rights..

  • Anubhuti T.
    07/12/2018 12:48

    Shame on congress Arjun Singh then helped accuse flee out of india easily

  • SN G.
    07/12/2018 11:24

    It was the company which was and is brut !

  • Ayaan A.
    07/12/2018 11:02

    Ignoring all those people in Bhopal India is Building statue for 3000 crore and elephant structures plus some shit buildings cost 1.5 billion inr 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ kab sudhrogey ?? We don’t want Raffael deal we want sophisticated hospital and treatment free of cost , we want high class education free of cost, we want equality, we want employment for everyone, we want peace!!!

  • Shubham B.
    07/12/2018 09:20

    Corruption is to blame for the aftermath of this deadly disaster and the unlikely support from the state and humanitarian law

  • Shyamal C.
    07/12/2018 08:33

    A catastrophy unparalleled in history. Successive govt has failed to clean up this utter mess of toxicity. Du point also washed their hands off.

  • Sai K.
    07/12/2018 07:17

    There will no justice available in India better leave the country or live like animal in India

  • Jerome J.
    07/12/2018 02:57

    Anderson is a American he is in America now

  • Samir M.
    06/12/2018 15:23

    Who helped Warren Anderson to Leave this Country. Rajiv Gandhi. And there in Bhopal Thousands Died in the Tragedy. Main Culprits: Warren Anderson & Rajiv Gandhi Shame On This Gandhi Scum