Residents In This Village Have Been Dying From Water Contamination

It's 2018 and Indian citizens still don't have clean water to drink.

03/15/2018 6:30 AM
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  • DrAbhishek S.
    03/15/2018 06:55

    Politics by politically paid mint workers and politically paid vote bank as slum and Villagers under the shelter of political groups

  • Bhupinder S.
    03/15/2018 07:00

    handpump can't go further 90 fts and thats not a clear water level. what anyone can expect from useless govt.

  • Deepak K.
    03/15/2018 07:07

    धर्म जात की राजनीति करोगे तो यही सब हित रहेगा भारत मे

  • Tarun C.
    03/15/2018 07:08

    Agar sabko paani mil gya, toh jo paani ka itna bada business khada Kar Rakha Hai uska kya hoga,, kuch nahin ho sakta jab tak log jo suffer Kar Rahe, will not start fighting for their rights, rather than fighting hindu Muslim,,,, aur aapka dedication ram mandir banwane par Hai jab ki shree ram ki janam bhumi par aaj Saaf paani Peene ko nahin,, na hi pujney nadiyan Saaf hain,,, I urge you people please tell me if I am wrong

  • Shiva S.
    03/15/2018 07:19

    Thats nothing. Sivaji statue will cure everything😶

  • Rohit J.
    03/15/2018 07:25

    pehle basic necessities poori hone do bhai phir 3000 kya 10000cr ki moorthi bana do

  • Prateek K.
    03/15/2018 07:37

    Solution to this crisis : Blame each other.

  • Tondonba S.
    03/15/2018 07:39

    Respect to the reporter

  • Muhammad S.
    03/15/2018 07:48

    Shame on us, instant of resolving problems people have divided in Cong bhakts & BJP bhakts... By doing this nothing will happen my friends only we will destroy our lovely nation. Say no to hate, lets everyone come at one platform and do something for our better national better future and upcoming generations.

  • T A.
    03/15/2018 07:56

    Modi will get a new Jet plane with his buddy President ! They'll go abroad and bring back give 15 lakhs to each Indian with Bank account !

  • Debasish P.
    03/15/2018 07:56

    Every political leaders whether it's bjp/Congress or anyone else are only fighting for votes and why would they bother about problems faced by the people who choose them wisey.

  • Aarif D.
    03/15/2018 08:06

    Saaf pani kiya karna he kon dekhega. Bullet train law. Jaldi...😂😂

  • Samanway S.
    03/15/2018 08:17

    only 4 years to go superpower!

  • Sachin M.
    03/15/2018 08:35

    Instead of blaming on modi we should ourselves be ashamed bcoz we people doesn't have common sense how to utilize water we dug unwanted borewells forget Wells even borewells also getting exhausted main reason is rainfall deficiency ,global warming these r all human creation only way to survive is installation of rain water harvesting

  • Digvijay N.
    03/15/2018 08:36

    Bhai jada se jada tree lagwo agar drinking water chaiye

  • Mohan L.
    03/15/2018 08:40

  • Sameer R.
    03/15/2018 08:41

    Industrial waste causing contamination, 14 people died due to this. Clear case of corruption by the local govt and industrialists... what a shame... media is busy with some shitty news

  • Moheed P.
    03/15/2018 08:44

    Spend money on Basic necessities like water and roads who needs #_bullet_train .

  • Jaskaran S.
    03/15/2018 08:54

    It's very sad that our country not have enough clean water to drink and our pm is busy in building toilets without having enough water

  • Shahwaz S.
    03/15/2018 08:58

    Same on... This type of government...