Surviving Suicide Loss: Raashi's Story

Trigger Warning: Suicide. She lost her 18-year-old baby brother to suicide. In her overwhelming grief, Raashi Thakran has helped launch India's first 24/7 suicide helpline to keep what happened to her from happening to anyone else.

09/16/2020 2:57 PM
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  • Abhijit B.
    6 hours

    I am in great pain after my fiancé dumped me.. Can anyone help me out to get out of this trauma that I experience right now??

  • Akshay P.
    13 hours

    Many people suffer loss of their close ones but not all of them have the strength to get up from that phase and do something for the society so that others won't have to go through it and his sister made this effort. Hats off to you 👏👍

  • Staci C.
    14 hours

    I lost my brother when I was 17 to suicide. My heart goes out to you and your family. In the USA we have what is called Suicide Survivor Day. I hope this event is available to you.

  • Raj N.
    19 hours


  • Nandrani R.
    a day

    Heartbreaking in listening to your Sad lost 🙏❤

  • Manju S.
    2 days

    Can feel your pain its so shocking to hear ur story

  • Sharmila B.
    2 days

    I completely understand what you are going through. I lost my niece in March 2020 due to a big medical negligence . She was just 22. We're still mourning and can't overcome this tragedy. My brother is half dead after losing her daughter. Wish you loads of courage and hope you could handle this. I know it's very hard.

  • Gautam S.
    2 days

    Brave Girl... May God give you the strength to move ahead and achieve your objective!

  • Devamitra P.
    2 days

    Heart warming efforts of yours 😀😀💐

  • Maphia R.
    2 days


  • Namrata S.
    2 days

    Please whoever is reading this don't assume that suicide is for the weak. like its an excuse people make. Mental health is real. The pain is real. Reach out. Speak up.

  • Ruhika A.
    2 days

    Ye toh bta do hua kya tha why he committed suicide

  • Farwa A.
    3 days

    Wxhhi ohh hu sy a ki o

  • Dina D.
    3 days

    We don't need to know the answer to why "suicide" but how we can help prevent it.

  • Nicole E.
    3 days

    Wow.....I’m sorry for the loss of her dear brother. No one should be ashamed of what happened and I’m so very thankful she started this. To know someone was in so much pain....we do need to pull together and be there for each other and remember that you are never alone.

  • Mary A.
    3 days

    Jesus those numbers are staggering 😞

  • DrParul S.
    3 days

    You have done q great job Rasshi . Stay blessed dear and may your mission save many lives

  • DrParul S.
    3 days

    Raashi how do I reach you to join your cause? I am a pediatrician.

  • Dyanin O.
    3 days


  • Selin S.
    4 days

    93000 suicides last year! 93000 families devastated, by the loss of loved ones. This has to stop...

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