Three Desi Replacements For Plastic Use

Three Indian items that can help cut plastic use in daily life.

13/10/2019 6:58 AMupdated: 13/01/2020 2:33 PM
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  • Hind P.
    22/10/2019 18:29


  • Jayadev M.
    17/10/2019 14:52

    This is from one of my favourite destinations on Facebook, . I absolutely love their work.

  • Brut India
    14/10/2019 05:38

    The green alternative to drinking water from plastic bottles:

  • Jayanth V.
    13/10/2019 15:17

    To ban a plastic we need to stop by industrial point of view, making video's for alternative ways to use things instead of plastic is useless

  • RJ F.
    13/10/2019 12:44

    Go modi GO

  • RJ F.
    13/10/2019 12:43

    India terroist funded state by

  • Richa M.
    13/10/2019 11:46

    Do your research well cos paper straws have a 1.8 times carbon footprint than plastic straws and are definitely not a better solution. Reusable Bamboo straws, metal straws, no straws are always a better alternative. Please don't promote the wrong alternatives which create a new problem for the sake of solving another

  • Lizy C.
    13/10/2019 09:37


  • Hameed A.
    13/10/2019 09:37

    Whether you give a damn about the environment or not, it's not upto you, all you all switch to recyclables, sustainable products

  • Shivam P.
    13/10/2019 09:16

    Will it not be wrong using banana leaves and Bamboo stick as a replacement of plastic. ? Think of a situation where extensive packaging is being done by using Banana leaves will it not become extinct( and even indians will be a step ahead they will uproot the whole banana tree for the leaves 😀 ),or the Bamboo stick which we will be using as a replacement of plastic brush... Is the nature not getting harmed this way...? Yes, we have to reduce the usage of plastic but not at the cost of harming nature... We probably need to resort to some other alternatives..

  • Sriram N.
    13/10/2019 08:10

    Super Ideas.

  • Moxeangel B.
    13/10/2019 07:59

    It’s high time -we must act wise !!

  • Seema R.
    13/10/2019 07:53

    Stop eating chips, chocolates, biscuits buy open products .👍👍👍

  • Hameed A.
    13/10/2019 07:15

    Will order bamboo brushes today, as for plastic usage reduction, tamilnadu is pioneering with a ban on one use plastic and we are the mother of banana leaves usage

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