TikTok Videos Land Odisha Nurses In Trouble

These nurses in Odisha are facing the music for their TikTok videos. 🤳🏼

07/01/2019 12:57 PM
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  • Salman H.
    07/01/2019 13:03

    What are you Promoting #BrutIndia

  • Muhammad I.
    07/01/2019 13:03

    Ankhon mei ankhein dalker ABB dekho 😂

  • Swapnil G.
    07/01/2019 13:05

    Its ok to have fun and play during work but...don't Play with your work...Kissing a newborn baby in a critical ill ward ..nah not cool,wondering what baby's mother would have felt .

  • Lohya S.
    07/01/2019 13:07

    Fuck this minister and fuck the system India is a free country and have the right to do things in their free time. When doctors were kicked like stray dogs I don't see any minister action

  • Navya S.
    07/01/2019 13:07

    So What's wrong? Amrish puri ne Sridevi ko dhoond liya yeh news toh koi bhi channel nahi de sakta.

  • Santosh A.
    07/01/2019 13:09

    They have right to have fun in their free time..

  • Mitrabhanu N.
    07/01/2019 13:12

    But why should govt. take action ?? Its not fair.

  • Shaista T.
    07/01/2019 13:13

    tu b pakrhi jaye gi aik din dekh lein 😝😜😝😜😝

  • Swati B.
    07/01/2019 13:15

    inki toh lag gye

  • Ronel L.
    07/01/2019 13:16

    eytu saa.. koisili j mobile pitiki thaka buli..

  • Ph K.
    07/01/2019 13:16

    dhat, fighting with nurses.. stupid govt.. there are so many things to fight for.. grow up government..

  • Md R.
    07/01/2019 13:17

    Mere sath dance karogey ... nhi 🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • George R.
    07/01/2019 13:17


  • Subho S.
    07/01/2019 13:20

    Do you know what kind of disease might spread to these new born babies. She just kissed her. Herpes is one big example.

  • Pravin D.
    07/01/2019 13:20

    They are not so quick in case of corruptions

  • Vikas A.
    07/01/2019 13:21

    Bane ho tiktok

  • Prayas C.
    07/01/2019 13:22


  • Pallavi M.
    07/01/2019 13:23

    I am not saying that this is right but nurses and docs work in very challenging situation they don't time for breakfast, lunch or if you want them to not do that please provide them proper breaks..

  • Megha M.
    07/01/2019 13:27

    These three are losing their jobs for sure😂😂😂😂

  • Kaushal K.
    07/01/2019 13:27

    हमारा देश बदल रहा है(our contry is changing)