"Iceberg hunting" is more and more popular

It's a real job, which is becoming more and more popular in Canada. Here is how "iceberg hunters" make a living.

Canadians utilizing the purest water they can

This man isn't hunting an animal. But these huge blocks of ice. Here, in Newfoundland, Canada, iceberg hunting is all the rage. Frozen for over this water is boasted for its purity 10,000 years and can be sold at local stores for around $11 a bottle. Edward Kean gave up his job as a fisherman Edward Kean 20 years ago to devote himself to this white gold rush. He and his crew fire several times to break off chunks of ice. Once they've hauled the ice up onto the boat, they grind it using an excavator.

In Newfoundland, it's like a falling leaf, they're going to die in a couple, three weeks, and naturally be gone back to nature anyway. “So, we're not here hurting the environment, we're not taking nothing away, we're just utilizing the purest water we can get.” Between May and July 2019, the crew harvested around 800,000 liters of iceberg water. Every morning at dawn, Kean sails out with three other crew members to hunt what has become his own personal white gold: icebergs. For more than 20 years, he has hauled in the mighty ice giants and then sold the water for a handsome profit to local companies, which then bottle it, mix it into booze or use it to make cosmetics.

Today, the environmental impact of these operations has become a hot topic. Impact of these Environmentally speaking, transporting water thousands and thousands of kilometers, from the poles to the consumers, is an abomination. But 800,000 liters is nothing compared to the size of icebergs in Greenland." Because of global warming, more and more ice is breaking free and drifting to the coats. It's a tangible example of global warming, Laurent Lucazeau seeing icebergs drifting over to areas where the water is this warm. It really makes you think.

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08/08/2019 2:48 PM
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  • Amar A.
    a day

    Shot him,,, It won't be a crime. One day he will die anyways.

  • John H.
    a day

    If anybody in your country do that, can you say, you are not hurting the environtment.

  • Vikram D.
    2 days

    Humans are dumb

  • Jhumur P.
    2 days

    But these ice are for sea food.

  • EL M.
    2 days

    If no consumers, this wont exist! Some people dont really care

  • Ărdhendu S.
    2 days

    The ancient viruses are frozen inside. These people are unlocking those viruses..

  • Aman D.
    2 days

    oh god....why you created us

  • Tim B.
    2 days

    Dam crazy

  • Muhammad H.
    2 days

    What they are doing with the environment.

  • Kapil C.
    2 days

    How can this be allowed .. who have given such rights to play with nature and whole of the earth's ecosystem ????????????????

  • Logan B.
    2 days

    Don’t we need our polar ice caps? This guys gonna destroy the world faster

  • Zon A.
    2 days

    Typical human all for the profit

  • Jay J.
    2 days

    He is going in this area itself hurting the mother nature.... 😡

  • Sandy N.
    3 days

    Wow america america wont stop at anything to make a buck....raping the earth....

  • Yogas E.
    3 days

    This activity has to be stopped..

  • Gary K.
    3 days

    let’s make money

  • Aart Z.
    3 days

    What a great job they’re doing. If someone had done this in 1912 and harvested that iceberg that hit the Titanic, all those people would not have suffered.

  • Andre P.
    3 days


  • Rajesh K.
    3 days

    Dick heads who drink & make it. And to think they don’t harm anything is so typical capitalist mentality.

  • Debdutta R.
    3 days

    They should start a PHD program on how to further exploit nature

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