Anti-vaccine activist gets tricked by YouTubers

These YouTubers tricked a prominent British antivaxxer into accepting a fake bribe from AstraZeneca ... So he would stop criticizing vaccines. Here’s how they did it.

10/08/2021 5:21 PMupdated: 10/08/2021 5:24 PM


  • Rajesh S.
    31/08/2021 10:39


  • Neelam J.
    31/08/2021 07:17

    A Total stupid man, a narcyst a madman with mad theories.

  • Krishnakali S.
    31/08/2021 07:12

    Was he having a bad hair day?

  • Priyam M.
    30/08/2021 20:55

    Albert Einstein without brain and moustache

  • Delisser N.
    30/08/2021 19:51

    That’s cool 😎 in the street

  • Prabhu R.
    30/08/2021 18:40

    Another poopy Piers! 😂😂

  • Gandharv T.
    30/08/2021 14:42

    Got em

  • Michael B.
    30/08/2021 11:33

    May I humbly present my brand new release for Piano & Orchestra, Variations on a Grand March. Opens with a military march, at 2:44 is a Tango, at 6:20 becomes a fugue, at 9:05 becomes Musical Theatre, at 13:00 becomes a soft Romance which reaches a big climax at the end. Guaranteed to lift your Summer spirits! Many thanks!

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