• Kumle S.
    21/02/2021 10:26

    Good speech sir

  • Sandesh P.
    15/02/2021 09:14


  • Abdul K.
    10/02/2021 07:36

    India have no ball to fright with china ..

  • S K.
    31/01/2021 12:15

    We are paying for mistakes of Bruts master

  • Tenzin N.
    31/01/2021 11:59

    Blame Game keep going between BJP-Congress, Congress-BJP. Other side we are loosing our territory. God bless our state 🙏🙏🙏

  • Techi T.
    30/01/2021 12:05

    Well speaking sir

  • Nabam T.
    26/01/2021 07:18

    Dudu man sir said exactly.... He exactly said as like he has seen everything in dream..

  • Sukumar L.
    26/01/2021 06:16

    Those villages are named Modi village and Amit village by china. India, have a look of PM and HM.

  • Abdul S.
    25/01/2021 16:16

    56" Super hero and his 'patriotic' media is busy in fighting against Indians!

  • Mirip K.
    25/01/2021 09:53

    Too little too late

  • Rabindra S.
    25/01/2021 04:57

    It's time to return Chinese funds received in Rajiv Gandhi foundation with interest and take back the occupied territory..

  • Nyummar Y.
    25/01/2021 01:09

    Hamara c.m still nabam tuki sir,kaliko poul,gagon apang, hai ....yeah kon hai. M for Monpa M for Miya (Bangladesh Muslim),M for miri..free naau...yeah Sab ek hi jaat k log hai.....carefully arunachal ko sell v krsakta hai ..c.m

  • Nyummar Y.
    25/01/2021 01:01

    Bhaiyo aur bhaino Tibetans and monpa log ka koi jaat (surname) nahi hota hai ..samaj raha hoga ? Ksi ko v saadhi kr sakta hai....jiska apna koi toh woh dusro kaa sunega...dirties tribe of arunchal...

  • Nyummar Y.
    25/01/2021 00:56

    Real leader of arunachal pradesh ....sir we proud of you sir .....sir kick out all refugees like monpa and Tibetan from arunchal pradesh..specially c.m haring refugee pema and kiren

  • Leslie F.
    24/01/2021 18:47

    Don't worry bjp will build world largest tallest biggest thickest broadest fighter plane statue to scare China!! Contract will be given to Anil Ambani since he is best qualified!!

  • Lhm A.
    24/01/2021 09:38

    Not much brave as we are with PAKI s why its like this.

  • Suman K.
    24/01/2021 07:52

    Significant issues are not being discussed by the appropriate authorities neither media nor opponents. And Govt. Is escaping from describing this issues as raised by the MP.

  • Aravind K.
    24/01/2021 03:46

    chusava idi

  • Tayem D.
    24/01/2021 02:52

    Govt. can only ban chinese apps...and nothing more !

  • Frenzy S.
    23/01/2021 18:25

    Indeed,Now Arunachal Pradesh came into under terror of Chinese Gov't....

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