• Amit P.
    18/02/2021 09:46

    Abe bhosadi wale Canada PM ka statement toh dekh liya hota. Bade wale gaandu ho be

  • Glenn M.
    17/02/2021 09:56

    And the conservatives would’ve done better job 👌

  • Ankit S.
    15/02/2021 06:48


  • Syed A.
    14/02/2021 11:58

    Lakho jhoot main Modi ka ek or jhoot.

  • Tabrej A.
    14/02/2021 10:28

    Still Canada has secured 5 vaccine for each of its citizens. 🙄While African Nations did not even ordered yet.

  • S K.
    14/02/2021 03:40

    He is another Rahul Gandhi of Canada brut came back again with his propoganda

  • Varaprasad S.
    13/02/2021 15:15

    Shameless Canada govt accomodated separatists propaganda and even interfered in indian internal affairs ... But when it comes to indian govt and PM modi made sure that Canadians don't be at the receiving end because of moron canda PM trudeau . . That's indian culture and indian PM modi...

  • Akanksha A.
    13/02/2021 12:09

    He did after this interview

  • DrNiladri B.
    13/02/2021 05:35

    I like to believe Government of India. Thank you.

  • Renu S.
    12/02/2021 21:09

    Justin lolzzzz 🤭🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Biswajit B.
    12/02/2021 19:57

    Its fact that the more you pretend to be like friendly and innocent then the more they will take advantage of it as a traitor...so not a single vaccine Canada deserves...but India is a nation with open hearts and a symbol of humanity i.e. the nation which hugs its own enemy in critical situations as well...so business for a business...As per me Vaccine export should be done to Canada if their Govt wants...

  • Wakky B.
    12/02/2021 19:57

    These lot injecting cow piss now

  • Sam K.
    12/02/2021 16:56

    Modi is one of the stupidest, Indian farmers are on protection and he making fake obligations.. Disgusting

  • Wilson J.
    12/02/2021 13:37

    It fake Indian news for the Indian media TRP

  • Mahesh T.
    12/02/2021 13:26

    https://pm.gc.ca/en/news/readouts/2021/02/10/prime-minister-justin-trudeau-speaks-prime-minister-india-narendra-modi Yes, they did discuss access to Covid vaccine

  • Rhide I.
    12/02/2021 08:05

    Frist hasina now modi example of husband wife relationship.

  • Shubham S.
    12/02/2021 07:43

    This shows the utter mess the Canadian ruling party is in, wherein the health minister herself has no fuckin idea of her own PM dialling countries to ask for vaccines.😂

  • Mulagapati V.
    12/02/2021 07:17

    So the Canadian government official doesn't even know whether their President talked with Primister of India or not! WTF!

  • Parth K.
    12/02/2021 05:48

    First of all, what is the point in making such videos. Secondly, what's the point of having someone from the government who can't give out clear cut answers. By the way,if they didnt call for it, should have returned it back. It's as simple as that!

  • Thonoor R.
    12/02/2021 03:50

    How the health minister is biased towards India.

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