• Pratik S.
    08/03/2018 04:27

    Good gesture

  • Laurett S.
    01/03/2018 05:55

    Yet chinese are deforisting Namibia etc

  • Jun H.
    25/02/2018 01:45

    Positive thing on China.

  • Mirko P.
    22/02/2018 20:34

    Meanwhile are cutting trees in Africa ...nice job...

  • Brandi H.
    22/02/2018 20:16

    China steppin’ up. It’s about fucking time. Great job China. ❤️🙌🏽

  • Omar K.
    22/02/2018 19:37

    very nice!

  • Ajay M.
    22/02/2018 14:59

    Doing good job

  • Ad C.
    22/02/2018 14:39

    Salute china.

  • Jose A.
    21/02/2018 03:43


  • محمد ا.
    20/02/2018 19:39

    هاي نفس نخلات الديوانية زرعوهن

  • Giovanni M.
    20/02/2018 19:27

    Mozambican (is not only) forest are destroyed every year by chinese !!! Mozambique is bigger than Áustria!! Stop it!!!

  • Giovanni M.
    20/02/2018 19:24

    before of this, China have to stop to destroy African forest to import wood.. then China can plant forest big like Áustria or more!!!!

  • Jorge A.
    20/02/2018 18:48

    Argentina!! No Esperemos a tener más desastres. Empecemos Ya!

  • Enrico T.
    20/02/2018 18:26

    china e nr 1 no

  • Naani R.
    20/02/2018 17:38

    African forests are missing because of Chinese. How many people know, yearly how much wood exports africa to china?

  • El G.
    20/02/2018 17:35

    Ok so they make china better for them selfs and here in Suriname they cut douzens of them trees for export!! Every year they take our wood soon we dont have the AMAZON no more!! Fucking stupid video!!

  • Nikola S.
    20/02/2018 17:04

    lol, but their industry destroys more than that....

  • Mohmmad I.
    20/02/2018 16:07

    No words fr praise

  • Mohammed A.
    20/02/2018 16:05

    thar desert is awaiting to getting chang its physical by indian soldier

  • Hannah S.
    20/02/2018 14:17

    hopefully they will stop cutting and taking all the beautiful huge old trees out of Africa?

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