In Denmark, the forest is a classroom

Preschools in Denmark have found a new way to think outside of the box. With the forest as their classroom, children are developing a strong sense of autonomy. 🍂

30/01/2019 1:03 PMupdated: 07/03/2019 2:40 PM
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  • Wendy M.
    22/09/2019 18:14

    How wonderful and so exciting for young minds.

  • Belinda O.
    02/09/2019 17:00

    Chris Correll 🙌🏼

  • Mia S.
    30/08/2019 09:44

    Ahhh why are the kids speaking German then? :O I‘m confused

  • Jamilla S.
    30/08/2019 06:42

    tror du ikke at det var vores venner fra fransk tv?

  • Mette T.
    30/08/2019 06:07


  • Helen D.
    29/08/2019 20:22

    , visit to a forest school on our world tour?!? 😂

  • Susie R.
    29/08/2019 12:44

    reminds me of us as kids :)

  • Lea M.
    29/08/2019 02:56

    Parents should be teaching this.

  • Timothy P.
    27/08/2019 18:58

    Guess what I never needed to go to school to go and have educational lessons of ant type. I played out without any interference of adults. I was told to be safe and watch for dangers. That was in 1963. Not a new idea. Just kick the kids out, give them boundaries and let them play. But i bet social workers , busy bodies and government interference will result in parents being imprisoned for child abuse.

  • Dawn N.
    25/08/2019 18:18

    Great idea, all schools should do this. They had outdoor school for a week when we lived in Washington state,my children loved it, not sure they still have it.

  • Chaona P.
    25/08/2019 01:01


  • Amit J.
    23/08/2019 02:12

    Tehila Keshet-hendel

  • Tam G.
    21/08/2019 22:27

    My partner is a Forest Schools teacher up here in Moray. She loves it and so do the kids.

  • Andrew F.
    19/08/2019 18:09

    Alice McIntyre Lachlan would love this

  • Lorraine M.
    19/08/2019 17:13

    Fantastic concept..

  • Nancy D.
    19/08/2019 05:37

    Learning with nature

  • Rhona R.
    18/08/2019 18:13

    My youngest went to ‘forest kindergarten’ here in Scotland for his pre-school year, an amazing experience and the children have such a strong bond.

  • Lorraine K.
    18/08/2019 12:05

    Brilliant the best way to learn kids today are so pampered

  • Debi M.
    18/08/2019 06:32

    I absolutely love this

  • Frances G.
    17/08/2019 11:50

    Now that is an interesting concept!!

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