• Vinod B.
    30/12/2017 16:17


  • Sameer A.
    29/12/2017 14:31

    Yha ......

  • Pavan M.
    29/12/2017 10:41


  • Tilakkumar K.
    29/12/2017 09:09

    Indians need to go back to adopt old culture of joint families which can eradicate poverty in single shot otherwise this is never ending problem and blame game starts on government

  • Mohd D.
    29/12/2017 09:01

    Ghribi ki lslaah zaruri hai nahin to tarakki ka kaab bemane hai,

  • Ikabal K.
    29/12/2017 09:00

    Sara bahi grebo ki madad kra

  • Ajaj K.
    29/12/2017 08:39


  • Seenu V.
    29/12/2017 08:39

    It's true Education is most important

  • Vishnu S.
    29/12/2017 08:21

    എന്ത് പറഞ്ഞാലും അവസാനം അറബിയിൽ വല്ലതും കുറേ വാക്കുകൾ കൂടി പറഞ്ഞാ തീരുമാനിക്കാം...

  • Ank S.
    29/12/2017 07:48

    And if government auth or you try to help them up trust me Remaining 3B peeps will be poor too coz government sucks money from middle class not the Top elite

  • Umer Q.
    29/12/2017 07:24

    Gareeb loogh hai yah inloogi koi karnai padhti hai. Garreebi sub kuch karwati hai

  • Shubham R.
    29/12/2017 07:02

    Nice bro

  • Atul K.
    29/12/2017 06:37

    In sab smasya ko ek garib hi thik kar stka h lekin us vyakti ko hmare amir bhai log krne nhi dete kyoki vo nhi chate ki garib unke braber me khade ho

  • Shahnawaz G.
    29/12/2017 06:36


  • Rupali A.
    29/12/2017 06:27

    Polythene bags banned kro

  • Rahul K.
    29/12/2017 06:22

    Because we don't know difference between 'Equality' & 'Equity' ..... In simple we dont have Deserved Candidates we have Reseved candidates..... Thats all we have to change And only we can turn the table ..... now it's up to you.👍 Jai hind 🇮🇳

  • Keyur P.
    29/12/2017 05:58

    Ram ram

  • Zaid
    29/12/2017 05:47

    Ye sab hmaare netaao ki mehrbaani .....Me sad ..An angry

  • Akashdeep D.
    29/12/2017 05:45

    This is not a problem per se this is how it was intended.every man for himself in democracy and capitalism. The rich climb on the poor thats how they got rich in the first place. There never was and never will be equality in a free society

  • Debabrata R.
    29/12/2017 05:41

    Brute Reality

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