India Goes Out Of Its Way For Foreigners

Trump may find the wall he's been looking for in Ahmedabad. It takes high-level foreign visits for India to finally give its cities a facelift.

02/19/2020 10:57 AM
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  • Gbi M.
    3 days

    how about if trumps said to indian national go back to your country in u.s.teretory.would you still welcome him?

  • Sky L.
    3 days

    All you need to prepare is an outdoors toilet to put the shit that is TRUMP into...👍🏼👊🏽👍🏾👍👊🏼👊

  • JM M.
    3 days

    the people should understand the purpose of these visits and politics: to solidify a relationship for future businesses. and you gotta wine and dine Trump to get smth out of him so of course The indian PM will do this in order to get the economy going. if they have more business coming from the other countries,the economy grown hence, people will have jobs and can afford to put food on their table.

  • Sham S.
    3 days

    Lick ball🤤

  • Karlos K.
    3 days

    act of chamcha!

  • Mo R.
    3 days

    Which means India it's just an example of slayqueen 😂😂

  • Prince K.
    3 days

    Change your prime minister 🤘🏻

  • Benhur H.
    4 days

    It happens olso here in the Philippines, I forgot what administration was that being happened. Instead of doing that, concrete solution should be implemented

  • Siddhant K.
    4 days

    Lower slums equals lower crime rate. Also no unclean people around. We need to take care now especially because of corona. Slums are just hotspots for something like Corona to breed. Unclean dirty animals and humans not even bathing everyday.

  • Hriat P.
    4 days

    Does Trump deserve this?

  • Horace R.
    4 days

    trump is a blight upon our country and the world.

  • Ming F.
    4 days

    Sick 😷

  • Salim N.
    4 days

    Move all us base factorys to india and the eu too for cheap labour

  • Yacine A.
    4 days

    Weird country and weird trump

  • Muhammad Z.
    5 days

    Covid 19

  • Chris H.
    5 days


  • Kyle S.
    5 days

    India does not take care of it's people.sad

  • Khairul A.
    5 days

    So they do have money to do all this since in the beginning

  • Andrew P.
    5 days

    All over does do that for state visit so I d k what's the big deal about it !

  • Jem V.
    6 days

    Same here in the Philippines 2012