India Versus Europe: Food Safety

These ingredients are banned in Europe but India still deems them safe enough to use in food.

05/07/2018 1:30 AM
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  • Rattnesh S.
    05/07/2018 01:54

    Wow awesome vedio

  • Amina M.
    05/07/2018 01:57

    That's why the chicken has this nasty smell when raw,once cooked it goes from the great hulk to doctor jekyl and is tasteless. ..yuck

  • Praveen A.
    05/07/2018 03:21


  • Nafeel M.
    05/07/2018 04:04

    in IND....the govt .its people...are eating SHITS in the name of RELIGIONS.... which is more powerfull then YELLOWS.

  • HighInTown
    05/07/2018 05:08

    This is sad!!

  • Shijith P.
    05/07/2018 06:28

    You guys should have written 'growth promoters' instead of 'antibiotics', that threw me off when i saw it. Because it's not that Europe has banned all antibiotics, just this particular class of drugs used in animal feed. That aside, you guys do some good work, buss on-screen text ka thoda khayal rakhna! :)

  • Harsha C.
    05/07/2018 06:51

    Nothing's gonna change... Eat biryani, stay happy.

  • Vi V.
    05/07/2018 07:54

    . Watch this before you eat today 😁

  • RoHit P.
    05/07/2018 09:24

    India is great

  • Kalyan S.
    05/07/2018 09:37

    but our indian officers want only money not healthy india so they wil allow all posinous products into our india which were banned in other countries.

  • Rishabh D.
    05/07/2018 11:49

    How does europe banning anything make it any bad? Its not banned in any american country? Neither in australia? Nor in newzealnd?

  • Ravi K.
    05/07/2018 12:29

    Oh.. Try banning these items.. Same brut will make a video of how govt is making poor manufacturers suffer and how daily wagers are losing their jobs.. Understand difference between developed and developing nations... Just cos europe banned something does not make it unsafe suddenly...

  • Abhishek K.
    05/07/2018 12:30

    Becaz in India anything can be done if u give money !!!!😂😂

  • Ravi K.
    05/07/2018 12:30

    Europe banned a number or other things too.. In social, religious and society reforms.. Make videos on them too

  • Ravi K.
    05/07/2018 12:31

    I donno why i subscribed this shitty page on first day.. Blocking it this second

  • Bsrsk S.
    05/07/2018 13:31

    How well does govt ignore food regulations in India (except in case of beef)? 100%

  • Biswarup D.
    05/07/2018 13:48

    Are they planning to kill us. Fuck fssai

  • Surabhi D.
    05/07/2018 13:50

    Mera Bharat mhan

  • Arsala K.
    05/07/2018 13:56

    our very own FSSAI. 😂😂😂

  • Muhammad A.
    05/07/2018 14:10

    What about the rest of the world statics