Indian-Origin Surgeon’s Inspiring Speech About US

“In no other country in the world, could the grandson of a poor farmer from India be asked by the President to look after the health of an entire nation.” -- Dr. Vivek Murthy.

10/11/2020 3:20 PMupdated: 10/11/2020 3:22 PM
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  • Ram A.
    14/01/2021 07:26

    Is growing rice,tamarind and coconut make you loose dignity??? If so what you eat?shame on you...never ever take name of India or Karnataka....

  • Surender S.
    14/01/2021 03:38

    Congratulations Mr Murthy.. For shaming your birthplace.. More power to you. Remember. Don't come back to this poor land. This country is better without you. Best wishes for your family in a newly discovered great country...

  • Vaidik B.
    14/01/2021 03:35

    Actually we can't go yo America with "little money". (As he is clearly talking about going legally)

  • Jade S.
    14/01/2021 02:53

    This is a ungrateful Asshole 🤣. Doesn’t know how to appreciate his roots.

  • Priyanka I.
    13/01/2021 16:38

    We have Sudha Murthy and Narayan Murthy from our Karnataka. Hard work 💫 simplicity. Connected to the roots❤️

  • Shashank G.
    12/01/2021 18:53

    Grandson of a poor farmer born in UK. What a joke? Stop this nonsense.

  • Varsha R.
    12/01/2021 16:37

    This person is spreading wrong information to the world...Bharat is agricultural land and we r proud of it.....

  • Ajit S.
    12/01/2021 14:19

    I'll be proud when Dr Murthy or our children don't have to leave our our India and make it elsewhere in a foreign land never to come back, except to donate some dough to India in some form of other, while paying taxes to other govt to make other nation great. I'd like when Dr Murthy sends his children to India to invest and make this nation better so that so called the poor farmer don't leave this country but build this nation. It doesn't matter whether America is great or UK is great, we'll be happy when they say India is great not as an NRI but as citizen of India.

  • Aakash V.
    12/01/2021 03:47

    Brain drain Glorified & touches a new level of achievement.

  • Nagendra K.
    12/01/2021 00:57

    Given that 20% of population is India's, probability still holds good. Don't worry

  • Karim V.
    11/01/2021 22:51

    Congrats we are been proud of you

  • Sujit K.
    11/01/2021 17:33

    Great load of bullshit right there ... Not a farming caste for that matter.....and in india the people from those castes have become president even....

  • Prabir D.
    11/01/2021 16:41

    Congrats !

  • Amita C.
    11/01/2021 15:35

    Not inspiring at all;all he wants is just attention; you're a shame on the nation's name

  • Arvind S.
    11/01/2021 15:33

    In India ppl from poor background and so-called low social status have become Presidents and PMs,including Modiji. What this guy says is BS.

  • Amita C.
    11/01/2021 15:22


  • Vijay K.
    11/01/2021 15:20

    Talking abt poverty of India is a fashion n trend in western countries... Well the same India made ur father a doctor... And I'm sure u never worked hard in fields for living bcos in india doc's do get to live atleast a moderate life style... attention seeking speach..that's all... it seems...non sense

  • Yuvraj P.
    11/01/2021 15:10

    Poor Farming Village,in South India???South India was never poor, and neither will be, Mr.Murthy.... Dravidian people and culture is always rich and prosperous.......

  • Yasmin K.
    11/01/2021 14:42

    Not true. Your ancestors come from such a country, India. Also, because you are male most countries in the world would allow you to do that.

  • Manohar K.
    11/01/2021 14:24

    Jai karanataka