Is This What Flying Is Now?

PPE suits, no food, no talking to flight attendants, waiting your turn to get off... Flying in the era of coronavirus looks nothing like before. 🤯

27/05/2020 3:07 PMupdated: 28/05/2020 7:45 AM
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  • Jo J.
    01/06/2020 18:01

    Pretty organized at-least they aren’t acting like a cow herd by pushing and shoving others.

  • Shashi J.
    31/05/2020 07:18

    Depressing !☹️! All the thrill & cheer of travel gone ! Permanently ?☹️

  • Tanuja P.
    28/05/2020 04:25

    Different world has been created with distancing, cleanliness, hygienic but witha force.Anyway...

  • Amitava G.
    28/05/2020 03:14

    But what about asymptomatic people. They seem to be the larger kind.

  • Anas P.
    27/05/2020 19:26

  • Shalini C.
    27/05/2020 17:28

    When u enter the flight we have a feeling of entering ICU

  • سؤمعیر ا.
    27/05/2020 15:59


  • Rahul B.
    27/05/2020 15:58

    Big thanks and also to doctors working in extreme heat on top of wearing a PPE, must be bloody hot in there..

  • Apurba K.
    27/05/2020 15:54

    Air hostesses are beautiful women but nowadays they have to cover their faces. And passengers will miss to see their enchantingly beautiful smile due to CoronaVirus. Really life is first then everything. However I congratulate them for coming back to serve passengers forgetting the fear of CoronaVirus and welcoming passengers with their lovely and enthralling voice.

  • Pradyumna K.
    27/05/2020 15:52

    you were on this flight?

  • Jaana M.
    27/05/2020 15:38

    2 tested positive on Indigo flight 🤔🤔

  • Brut India
    27/05/2020 15:12

    Even with all the precautions taken, passengers are quarantined on arrival if anyone on the flight tests positive for Covid-19:

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