Live Animals Transport: A Controversial Business

When 14,600 sheep were trapped inside a sinking cargo ship... These shocking images have shed light on an ever-growing and controversial business. Here is what lies behind "death ships".

11/29/2019 11:12 AM
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  • Maryam F.
    4 hours


  • Janjan S.
    5 hours


  • D Z.
    5 hours

    What a waste. That is a lot of meat for lamb chop , kebab, etc.

  • তৌশি ক.
    15 hours

    This is inhumane 😪😪😪

  • Steve W.
    18 hours

    Only a few sheep compared to humans drowning annually 😳😳😳 There are an estimated 360 000 annual drowning deaths worldwide.

  • Yves R.
    19 hours

    Ban live export.

  • Godwin D.
    19 hours

    Oh My God

  • Veronika Š.
    19 hours

    Fck the crew.. Save the sheeps . 😥

  • Nvdr M.
    a day

    y not export sheep humanely killed if u want sheep breed them yourselves i have no interest in eating meat but i would never send my horse to dog tucka spare them the stress of travel and then hit a slaughter board wth

  • Jana F.
    a day


  • Luke T.
    a day

    you’ll are so stupid, this is what happens on land to because of drought and it’s a higher number than one boat.

  • Ahmad U.
    a day

    bda dukh hua

  • Osman R.
    a day

    Mankind is the worst thing that happened to this planet. Worse than the meteor strike that took out dianosaurs

  • Chris C.
    a day

    Who gives a fuck . They are just sheep

  • John P.
    a day

    Great metaphor for the democrats and their socalist pipe dreams🤣

  • Mitch S.
    2 days


  • Immanuel K.
    2 days

    Ka lungin siet taluo. Breaks my heart

  • Sterp R.
    2 days

    Titanic 2

  • Vikky R.
    2 days

    Disgusting treatment of live animals..

  • Marianne S.
    2 days

    arme dieren 😢