Malala, Pakistan's fearless education activist

She was shot by the Taliban at age 15 and survived. She won the Nobel Peace Prize at age 17. At age 20, Malala Yousafzai is finally getting to go back to her native Pakistan.

04/16/2018 6:30 AM
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  • Sanjeev S.
    04/16/2018 06:54

    A life history of her gave her nobel award.. why can’t Gandhi get 1 ?

  • Abhishek S.
    04/16/2018 07:14

    I hope she's going for good now .

  • Kaustubh A.
    04/16/2018 09:08

    Bull shit !!! She wants India to sort out Kashmir issue with peace as Pakistanis r humans too, n herself is settled in UK, irony at its best.

  • Vaday R.
    04/16/2018 10:39

    Pakiatan bomb & kill its own people & one who survives get a Noble prize ...

  • MD H.
    04/16/2018 16:33

    one the most fake

  • Ajmal M.
    04/16/2018 23:32

    From Holland Edison unfortunately Afghani

  • Izzat U.
    04/17/2018 03:09


  • Brut India
    04/17/2018 12:35

    Malala's foundation has helped raise more than $10 million in funding for girls education in Pakistan:

  • Sumita B.
    04/18/2018 11:43

    Wonderful feeling to watch this video. Thousand salute to Malala.

  • Aniruddha G.
    04/18/2018 17:27

    Interestingly no one blaming religion in name of malala as someone blaming the religion in the name of asifa child

  • Gokul K.
    5 days

    Thank you friend

  • Kenneth B.
    5 days

    It's great you survived, but why do you still wear a towel on your head.

  • Jonathan S.
    5 days


  • Ayaz M.
    5 days

    She'd be running for the high seat in Pakistan government 10 years from now. Mark my words! It will be so.

  • Talha W.
    5 days


  • Shireen B.
    5 days

    She make me sick now

  • Haseeb A.
    5 days

    CIA agent

  • Sandra T.
    5 days

    Why such chauvinistic comments? It hurts more than the bullets in the head when reading males dumbass shit words attacking Malala Go and live in Pakistan and than pass a judgment on her

  • Kenny K.
    5 days

    She is a great girl the whole world is proud of her she's a wonderful person Allah has blessed her Ameen 🙏🌹 🌹♥️ 😇🙏

  • Waseem A.
    4 days