Surrogacy Around the World

In India, you have to be heterosexual, infertile and married to pay someone else to bear your child. This is how surrogacy works around the world. 🐣

15/10/2018 5:01 AM
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  • Anandh R.
    03/11/2018 15:02

    What's the news..ha ha ha.

  • Parth U.
    30/10/2018 18:49


  • Shahab U.
    22/10/2018 13:57


  • Kavita U.
    22/10/2018 02:45

    Why surrogacy, rather adopt kids who need us.

  • Rajesh S.
    18/10/2018 15:39


  • Megha M.
    16/10/2018 06:41

    I dnt understand why u need to heterosexual for having a surrogate baby🤔

  • Ali I.
    15/10/2018 07:15

    is NOT a part of ... Stop it 🛑

  • Zabi U.
    15/10/2018 06:11

    There is no such country as Israel. Stop spreading hatred . One and only one country exist in that region which is PALESTINE!

  • Syed M.
    15/10/2018 05:08

    You have shown the picture of holy city al quds in palestine n calling it israel

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