Taliban forces take Kabul, thousands try to flee the capital

These were the scenes of chaos and panic at Kabul's airport as thousands tried to flee the country after the Taliban seized control of the capital ...

17/08/2021 2:58 PM
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  • Rakesh S.
    25/08/2021 11:25

    Where this flight landed ?I think it crashed in some in Atlantic ocean .

  • Ahmed R.
    24/08/2021 05:04

    German historian mariamgerhard says in her book ( when the soldiers came ) that when Germany 🇩🇪 was defeated in world war 2,two millions of German women were oppressed by allied soldiers ( French, British, Russian and Americans) . And they are telling Talibaans to respect the women

  • Brut India
    21/08/2021 09:04

    They may have taken over Afghanistan but have they got the cash to keep running it? More about the Taliban's cash squeeze here:

  • Awais R.
    20/08/2021 10:17

    Ya sab log bewakof hay in ku hush huna chahya ta islam agay isky molk my ya sab islam sy bag rahy Ty afsoos

  • Muhammad T.
    19/08/2021 05:59

    Abey buckchodi naa phela admin.. Galt bakwas kr rha hai to

  • Ahmed R.
    18/08/2021 13:08

    May Allah increased them in strenght and in wisdom and make them successfull in managing their own country. They are more deserving to take their own country rather than being taken forever by a foreign nations and manage by their puppet government administrators... Afghanistan is for Afghan People. Let them rule and manage their own country and let the foreign nations stay away from them otherwise give support without self serving pre-conditions. I am a Pakistani Muslim and I Love Afghani People for Allah's sake. My heart longs for their success in their government affairs.

  • Reza K.
    18/08/2021 08:28

    It's total failure of the two-decades-long U.S. war. Bloody shame

  • Parul S.
    18/08/2021 07:27

    My heart goes out to the innocent people of Afghanistan..

  • Amir H.
    18/08/2021 07:01

    Bjp konse ache kaam kia he...larkileon ko konse ijjat dete he...MLA tk rape case mai samil he... extremist he bjp bhi konse acha soch or kaam he bjp rss bajrang dal ka...batao...

  • Sonam N.
    18/08/2021 05:03

    I request the new Talabin Government not to destroy any Buddhist statues/monuments etc .

  • Shawn S.
    18/08/2021 04:58

  • Saad G.
    18/08/2021 02:51

  • Charles S.
    18/08/2021 00:52

    If Islam is peaceful religion and its law was the best, why that scene happened?

  • Lohkare V.
    18/08/2021 00:42

    When? everything is as per their liking. Sharia, Triple talak, 5 times namaz, multiple marriage, no statue pooja, polygamy etc every that a muslim wants is now available in Afghanistan. Then Why they want to run away?

  • Dale P.
    17/08/2021 22:37

    Should have spent the last 20 years training every woman in Afghanistan how to shoot , defend and war tactics , then come home , I bet it would be a different story , at least they fight to protect instead of causing harm and fear , if the women have been strong enough to put up with all the crap for all these years, I bet you they could sort the bloody country out or die trying, at least they have a choice,

  • Rafey K.
    17/08/2021 20:19

    They are those who sided with the invaders, just like there were many who sided with British Raj. They chose slavery and the Gora ditched them in the end as usual.

  • Limatoshi A.
    17/08/2021 19:24

    Not one child or women among the panicked fleeing masses. It is the children who suffer the most, and sadly in situations not of their making

  • Naaf I.
    17/08/2021 19:24


  • Singh R.
    17/08/2021 19:10

    Its scripted, remember the Doha deal between Taliban and and USA।

  • Ammara A.
    17/08/2021 18:45

    i am unable to understand why the entire rest of the world is dying to help Afghans?????? as if there are no issue left in their own countries???? specially India😝😜😂😂 boht buri hoi hy wesy India k sath

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