• Sind T.
    a day

    Does any of our patriotic sanghi bakths have the guts have the guts to speak about this in the public. Public in the sense not in the villages of UP in an international conference like this. Bloody bootlickers, deciples of beggar and apologiser for mercy from the British, they just hide behind and bark, look at this guy who roars like a lion straight in front of their face.

  • Imran K.
    2 days

    Salute u sir

  • Ryan O.
    2 days


  • Abhay G.
    2 days

    He always tore apart British

  • Pranab K.
    2 days

    Though this speech is interesting slap on Britishes Face but why target British Alone, why not question the all other Invaders worldwide who killed, oppressed and looted the native population of Africa, Native American, Bharat/Hindustan and forced upon a foreign culture in last 1000years which we have enough evidence available...They must all apologize..British are still humble enough to apologise... Sashi Tharoor only serves his agenda...with catchy vocab...speak complete truth or else half truth is no truth...

  • Salman Y.
    3 days

    British colonization summed up in the best possible way😍

  • мария ф.
    3 days

    Капитализм не может быть с человеческим лицом. Он только одевать умеет маски, которые рано или поздно спадают, обнаруживая звериный оскал.

  • Resmi G.
    5 days


  • Shreya S.
    5 days

    You know Shashi Tharoor said a remarkable dailog , "we don't want repayment of damage why you done to us , just say sorry "

  • Nochet W.
    5 days

    Great speech.. I really admire U

  • Nagendra N.
    5 days

    72 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 waiting for you boss

  • Sumeet S.
    5 days

    Speechless whipping speech sir

  • Setou W.
    6 days

    India need to have him as PM of India in near future not our present chai walla and puppet of Saffron party .

  • Bibek G.
    6 days

    Debajit Ghosh

  • Shailly P.
    7 days

    What an orator he is!!!!

  • Wasif K.
    7 days


  • Angel P.
    7 days

    Very well said.....

  • Victor K.
    09/20/2020 06:51

    Excellent speech.

  • Individuo F.
    09/19/2020 21:03

    Shashi Tharoor is great person but congress ruined him

  • Angel's P.
    09/19/2020 18:02

    Excellent sir👏👏👏

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