This Simulator Lets You Experience Life on Mars

Is there life on Mars? Maybe not, but here's the next-best-thing. 🚀👀

05/02/2019 6:09 AM
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  • Aravind G.
    05/02/2019 06:26

    Destroying precious life on earth and searching on other planets

  • Raj G.
    05/02/2019 06:34

    If you zoom and see carefully you will be able to see Brut's journalist with Deepak Chaurasiya with cameraman Mukesh.

  • Geetika G.
    05/02/2019 06:35

    O yea we are already tired and successful of destroying Earth let's reach out to Mars now. How about saving life on Earth than finding new life on Mars?

  • Rutu R.
    05/02/2019 07:07

    Rahul Gandhi for PM of Mars ✌️

  • Bharat M.
    05/02/2019 07:08

    Brut India masood Azhar ki news kb edit karoge.?... Ans: nahi krenge kyu ki modi government ki achievement h wo. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Sawiyya A.
    05/02/2019 07:40

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  • Mohammed A.
    05/02/2019 09:49

    Resident evil

  • Boilenpapa
    05/03/2019 03:42

    And 🇮🇳 wasted in building statues😁😁😁

  • Joy S.
    05/04/2019 20:20

    Nice Science.

  • Anshul M.
    05/08/2019 09:45

    Also there was a competition held for Architects and imagine the Home and social living in mars.... Haf participated in it...!!

  • Chinthan C.
    05/09/2019 17:26

    They just copied Mars 🙄

  • Alan V.
    05/11/2019 16:21

    The earth is flat and there is no other planets.. every stars are just an energy Light..

  • Parthi S.
    05/16/2019 13:52


  • Salim A.
    05/16/2019 15:45

    Only copy

  • Manzt P.
    05/23/2019 07:30

    Subject change

  • Satwik M.
    05/27/2019 17:20

    Bhai sahab kis line mei aagae aap

  • Sabina K.
    05/30/2019 15:53


  • Sam R.
    05/31/2019 15:00

    China is working for generations for better future,but in India people are still fight for religions.