• Richard G.
    2 days

    I am no doctor of any kind, but Its called a hyper immune reaction.. Your body is essentially attacking itself.. If your body is highly acidic, then you will be the host of infectious bacteria.. If yo are body is high in toxicity then you are going to trigger a virus to do a detoxification.. If its bad then you have a disease that will surely lead to organ failure.. In this Coronavirus its a hyper respretory infection that stops the process of allowing your blood to produce oxygen to your organs.. Sad, death to comorbidity.. That said, consume high amounts of prebiotics and probiotics, as these are the buildingblocks of a healthy immune system.. Detox and exercise daily.. Not hard but it does take effort from you to fix it and not a mandate from your governer.. 😎💪👍

  • Henrietta C.
    2 days

    A doctor who had PPE got the virus 🦠 and they are scaring us to stay home, closed us in the house.

  • Maria E.
    3 days


  • Edna A.
    4 days

    Many are not lucky as you. Because you are a doctor you are treated well and so celebrities and politicians. Unlucky are those not well known and poor. Some are left to die.

  • Judy L.
    4 days

    But wait if that’s true then how can asymptomatic patients be walking around and having no symptoms whatsoever or some people say it was like the cold or some people say it was like a mild flu not everybody is going to have to go through what this doctor went through so just say this is completely wrong and you need to not compare your story to everybody else’s story

  • April S.
    5 days

    I am a CNA i contracted the virus unfortunately but my landlord is evicting me because of my occupation and how high risk i am so instead of focusing on getting better i have to hurry up and find a place if not my dad is putting me in a motel on friday ive been stressing about it a lot.

  • Anandhi K.
    05/24/2020 16:09

    A word of appreciation for Doctors and other medical staff.👏👏👏👏. Proper information and guidance is the need of the hour.

  • Elizabeth G.
    05/24/2020 09:21

    So he lived after getting the virus why dont he tell us how he survived? Im sure it was hydroxycloraquin that did. Also i heard the longest it can last on a surface is 3 to 4 days. He just said 7 days so which is it? And about the medicine that has shown effective why arnt they making it constantly so theres enough for everybody. Our governments really make me wonder sometimes.

  • Ajay K.
    05/23/2020 14:35

    I there for encourage health workers to learn Jal Neti. It helps to reduce risk. Little strong warm water with half tablespoon of salt try pouring in one by one in your nose with the help of palm with warm water and make sure the water should come from mouth. This will clean respiratory track as well as throat which helps to reduce risk of Coronavirus infection. We can do this process 2 times morning and evening health workers before duty and after duty. Start slowly beginners. Thanks

  • Joan S.
    05/23/2020 05:45

    Very useful coverage of virus

  • Mahesh K.
    05/22/2020 10:55

    So, what medicines were given to you? I m sure that u were also given something that only hospitals are authorized to use.

  • September T.
    05/22/2020 09:44

    Thank you so much doc .god bless you.

  • Zenaida D.
    05/22/2020 00:33

    Thank you so Much for this valuable information Dr. stay safe & GOD BLESS .

  • Jack H.
    05/22/2020 00:12

    Lol I was sick for 3 count them 1,2,3 days with a minor cough low fever and only sob upon exertion Now I’m fine along with many of my other friend’s who also got the virus Not dead no lung issues, Hell I’ve had worse hangovers than this Give it a rest fear monger

  • Hank M.
    05/21/2020 23:33


  • Ernie F.
    05/21/2020 13:45

    Speak for yourself

  • Ann G.
    05/21/2020 01:18

    Thank you to all of you

  • Ninfa S.
    05/20/2020 21:01

    Salute to all doctors and nurses all over the world! 🤗💓💓💓🌹🌹🌹

  • Rita P.
    05/20/2020 20:34

    He’s sweet!! Glad he recovered!!

  • Myrna P.
    05/20/2020 20:23

    Thank you for your nice explanation very informative to everybody god bless stay safe