Zero-Waste Restaurants: One in Bangalore, Another in Sweden

One restaurant in Bangalore and another in faraway Sweden are helping reduce food waste, one garbage bag at a time. 🌶🍲🗑

24/09/2019 6:57 AMupdated: 25/08/2020 12:42 PM
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  • Vishal P.
    26/09/2019 05:26

    That's why become vegetarian is best thing you can save more food.

  • Bidesh P.
    25/09/2019 17:28

    So here pew die pie and t series is working together

  • Aditya C.
    25/09/2019 07:39

    thts a lie.

  • Arun D.
    24/09/2019 20:36

    Ohh In mangalore region hotel and restaurants are not dumping their food waste with trash. They are sending the food waste to pig farms or farm workers are collecting the food waste.

  • B.d. S.
    31/12/2018 15:51


  • A.p. S.
    05/12/2018 07:48

    try some veg delicacies there...must be good....!!

  • Vasant P.
    30/11/2018 15:13


  • Ripal P.
    11/11/2018 20:03

    I m proprietor of small chinese fastfood restaurant "AAHAR".. I m allready compost my waste food by bacteria culture and use it in our farm.. Plastic bottle cans are giving to recycler.. Isnt it zero waste?

  • Ahmed R.
    10/11/2018 10:18

    In Madurai a chain of restaurant called temple city they have their own compost machine. Put the food wastes there make compost and give it to farmers. In return they get vegetables for cheap price.

  • Parth M.
    10/11/2018 06:16

    Salmanali Batti

  • Rijosh M.
    05/11/2018 15:38

    In Kerala ,India waste food from hotels and event catering groups are collected by pig farmers and fish farms. This is not new ..

  • Shikhar T.
    05/11/2018 12:28

    note this man!

  • Sameer R.
    05/11/2018 10:58

    In fact, recently in Indore, I have seen a daily food collection truck comes to every restaurant and take their waste or remaining food and feed it to cattle everyday. This initiative run by their local government. Also, many restaurants encourage to pack the remaining food with extra chapatis and feed the poor. Great initiative....

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