1. If you wanted to buy fur in these countries...

  2. The antennariid is a bizarre animal but a really good hunter

  3. A low-tech initiative to grow vegetables in Singapore

  4. El Paricutín destroyed an entire village in Mexico

  5. To climb Mont Blanc, you'll have to make a reservation

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  6. The avocado's environmental impact

  7. 4 tips for a more eco-friendly start of the school year

  8. She Got An Airline To Stop Using Plastic Straws

  9. Planting 1.2 trillion trees could cancel out a decade of CO2 emissions

  10. La Caverne is a one-of-a-kind farm located in Paris

  11. How to make a zero-waste picnic

  12. 3 curiosities you can see in Mexico

  13. Is Burning Man bad for the environment?

  14. The Amazon Smoke Cloud Compared to Global Regions

  15. Scientists alarmed by microplastics

  16. The Amazon is on Fire

  17. Japan: Yonaguni is still raising questions among scientists

  18. Youth across the world is demanding action on climate change

  19. A tax on meat to fight climate change?

  20. 6 breathtaking spots to pitch your tent

  21. One of the world's longest cycle routes

  22. Russia: new gold rush for mammoth ivory

  23. Bhutan wants to be the first country to become 100% organic

  24. Catatumbo Lightning is a unique meteorological phenomenon

  25. Vietnam: This 99-year-old woman is resisting the authorities

  26. Niger's huge biodiversity reserve is under threat

  27. This British organisation is tackling dog fighting

  28. The bearded vulture plays a crucial sanitary role

  29. Anse Source d'Argent is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations

  30. Bike rides to pick up trash

  31. 4 consequences of global warming in the Arctic

  32. What We Learned From the IPCC’s Alarming Agriculture Report

  33. The IPCC just released an alarming report

  34. Ölüdeniz is a paradise for paragliders

  35. The Moken, the "people of the sea"

  36. Mass tourism in Cyprus is a threat to the ecosystem's balance

  37. Sika deer attract millions of tourists each year

  38. How caterpillars transform into butterflies

  39. Sipadan offers 12 enchanting diving sites

  40. How do lizards regrow their tails ?

  41. This project aims to demystify the image of sharks

  42. 5 good news stories for the planet

  43. Some exoplanets could sustain life

  44. If these animals didn't exist...

  45. Sea Bubbles could soon become an alternative to cars in big cities

  46. The female centipede protects her offspring for several weeks

  47. If I were a cat...

  48. Orangutan vs. Bulldozer

  49. Slovenian Bee Paradise🐝

  50. It's Earth Overshoot Day

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