11-Year-Old Whiz Kid Builds Robots In Hyderabad

When this kid is not teaching engineering students twice his age, he builds cool robots and smart dustbins. What were you doing when you were 11?

09/02/2019 12:57 PM
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  • Dips C.
    10/20/2019 00:38

    Amazing... the govt should recognize and support him for higher education

  • Amson F.
    10/18/2019 13:22

    Regrettably our country doesn’t utilise Talent’s like these. We prefer entertainers over intelligence 😌

  • Bhushan S.
    10/03/2019 19:30

    He's gotten great skills. No doubt someday google will hire him and all our nation pride will go in vein just like that. Very few possess passion to work for country.

  • Wilson E.
    09/24/2019 06:16


  • Shavinder S.
    09/23/2019 04:11

    God bless you dear

  • Manzoora F.
    09/22/2019 18:44

    My son is also interested and we want online training...will you help me

  • Chaitanya G.
    09/20/2019 11:24

    These types of children are gifted. Nothing other children can do about it. Nor the need to stress about it.

  • PéĘř A.
    09/20/2019 09:44

    Cha ban za stand up comedian.....

  • Tovika A.
    09/20/2019 07:03

    God bless you may you live long

  • Ryan S.
    09/20/2019 06:47

    When I was 11, I didn't have a thing called a computer. The only electronic appliance was the television which doesn't even show cartoons. You live with what you have. Stop comparing all the time of "when you are 11". You live with what you have. This kid has the resources and he is doing good.

  • Sourav C.
    09/19/2019 18:55

    sikh be kuch.. Zindagi barbad he tera

  • Ravindra K.
    09/18/2019 02:49

    Congrats nice invention

  • Soham C.
    09/17/2019 18:47

    It's not possible to get hold of btech and mtech concepts in 15 days for a 12 yr old kid.....he is really talented to work around with i.o.t at such young age but calling one self master is not plausible......what he teaches to engineering students is how to build pre build projects....

  • Irappa H.
    09/17/2019 16:11

    Very good

  • Dawar J.
    09/17/2019 12:13

    ab kya bolna chae ga bhai tu

  • आनन्द भ.
    09/17/2019 09:30

    At 12, I was taking up gully cricket challenges with other muhallas... Gazab, chhote guru. Keep up 👌👌💙👍

  • Tiyasha D.
    09/17/2019 08:10


  • Lalitha R.
    09/17/2019 04:53

    Super! Born with gifted knowledge.great. please parents help him to enjoy his childhood also which will never return in his life again.

  • Ranjit D.
    09/16/2019 20:39

    ata dekh

  • Saumitra S.
    09/16/2019 10:22

    marr jao be tum