5 Things We Can Learn From Indian Mythology

5 lessons modern India can learn from Indian mythology, according to banker turned bestselling author Amish Tripathi. 😇

03/07/2019 4:57 AM
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  • Majid M.
    25/07/2019 11:17

    श्री कृष्ण ने कहा था कि कर्म करोगे तो फल मिलेगा मगर भक्त अपने भगवानों कि ही.बात नहीं मानते वो मूर्तियां बनाते हैं और उसके आगे सर झुकाके कहते हैं ये आपकी सारी इच्छाओं को पूरा करेगी

  • Rupam N.
    25/07/2019 00:45

    Mythology ? ramsetu tere b**** ne proof Kiya

  • Dharmik V.
    24/07/2019 01:46

    It's not's our glorious history....

  • Aryavartta D.
    23/07/2019 16:13

    Y mythology..when we know everything existed

  • Sathya S.
    23/07/2019 11:59

    Immortals of Meluha written by him?

  • Rahul M.
    23/07/2019 11:11

    The real landmark of Love is Ram setu not Taj Mahal.

  • Rahul M.
    23/07/2019 11:04

    Ravana was not an enemy of Aryvart .Ravana was a legend. Don't follow this guy.

  • Ayushi W.
    22/07/2019 18:49

    The mythology i was talking about 🤲🏻 Sahil

  • Ashish M.
    21/07/2019 07:44

    India and it's obsession with chetan bhagat, Amish tripathi and the likes....

  • Anwar H.
    20/07/2019 19:03

    Abyy koi to rok lo comment main copy paste wale chutiyo ko

  • Amal A.
    19/07/2019 08:55

    Western NERD and Aasholes like you consider these as myths. But Let me tell you it's our HISTORY and we r Damn proud of it. And we Indians don't give a Fu*k to shits like you. . Nikal &*@$ pehli Fursat me NIKAL ...Hatt teri MK

  • Kumar S.
    19/07/2019 08:39

    Suun Be Bruth Bakchod...Teri yahi Mythology wali post teri gand mai daal dunga....Sale Ye jisse tm Myth ka darza de rhe ho kabhi hmara ithiass raha hai. .. Bhosdi dubara aisi post dalne se phele lakho baar sochna......

  • Suman P.
    19/07/2019 03:52

    Mythology??? How u know it is mythology??? Its sanatan dharm history ...

  • DrShruti U.
    18/07/2019 09:18


  • Tushar B.
    17/07/2019 09:52

    These are not mythology, these are history of India... Go to hale Brut

  • Nayan S.
    17/07/2019 06:51

    Er Meet Pattani don't be a bhakt understand This😁

  • Ayanangsha M.
    17/07/2019 04:26

    So that more ppl buy his books 😂

  • Shailendra K.
    16/07/2019 16:22

  • Zeet K.
    16/07/2019 12:29

    Lefts ke chamche..brut.... Propaganda karne ke liye kitna milta hain

  • Hitesh A.
    16/07/2019 09:17

    First of all Amish is not a scholar. He is a businessman. Secondly the thought a businessman could have to to make money by changing the thoughts according to their own interest and profits. As far as caste system in vedic india represents this kind of brahmin is as equal to shudra. So Mr. Amish first you clear ur idiotic thoughts and stop misguiding those who admire you as they can't make a clear choice to read you nonsense rather than the scriptures.