5 times Piers Morgan stirred controversy

Criticizing Meghan Markle, slamming Madonna's feminism ... Here are 5 times Piers Morgan stirred controversy on Good Morning Britain.

10/03/2021 1:33 PMupdated: 10/03/2021 1:38 PM


  • Alice C.
    17/03/2021 02:27

    This is from oprah interview of not being able to get support which is a lie here's why...don't forget Meg's mum is a social worker. (guess they forgot to seek her help but happy to blame the royals..and meg is extremely close to her mum) Harry is oneof the creators of heads up... the organisation that helps people with depression/anxiety and other mental conditions.Harry & meg must of thought later on oh right we forgot about that...Harry was in therapy when they met and both princes went to therapy when mum died ...why does this sound like Bridget Jones movie when in jail saying boyfriend mistreating her and girls asking what he do Bridget..and girls tell her horrific stories of their abuse she had one argument with boyfriend so pretending same as girls...It's all going to come out Meg's narcissistic personality unfortunately is going to be their undoing trying to get public sympathy from lying is greatly going to backfire on both of them.

  • Lindi F.
    14/03/2021 10:46


  • Virgilio C.
    14/03/2021 05:13

    He knows he is 100% wrong. That's why he left, his career is over. Well, I guess there is always right wing nutcase FOX. That fake as Fuc news channel audience believe anything. Nothing as stupid as someone who watches Fox.

  • Juan C.
    14/03/2021 03:48

    A funny dude though. A knight of the Order of the Empire; dysfunctional and redundant. He should chat up Trump and do a dance video for the homies.

  • Peter C.
    13/03/2021 18:30

    Childish see you next Tuesday!!!!!

  • Mauricio H.
    13/03/2021 16:41

    The man is garbage

  • Anetka A.
    13/03/2021 11:19

    I wander how much he is getting paid by Royal Family for defending them

  • Idiba I.
    13/03/2021 10:24

    He was right every single time. It was just basic common sense. I don't understand why it stirred controversy. 😅 Moreover, i think people are still entitled to an opinion.

  • Maggie M.
    13/03/2021 08:42

    Not a fan of Piers Morgan , we had one similar in NZ, Paul Henry, he lost his tv job for saying ridiculous things. Royals love them or not, I think the queen has done a good job in spite of some behaviour of the Royals, namely Prince Andrew, that’s been swept under the carpet, so leave Harry and William, they had it tough losing their mum tragically, so if they can find some happiness, allow them some joy away from media scrutiny. Megan is speaking out about the Royals as she sees it as an outsider, a mother, someone effected by media scrutiny , maybe not appropriate for the establishment but she has a voice, and she will use it. Royal protocols may have to change with the times.

  • Alan P.
    12/03/2021 15:11

    People don’t like someone to speak their own mind these days. Keep it up Piers. Don’t cower to them.

  • Nadine S.
    12/03/2021 15:05

    Luv the guy! He says it as he feels! End of!

  • Julianne D.
    11/03/2021 22:35

    Good riddance!!!!!!

  • Alvin E.
    11/03/2021 20:57

    Good lad!!!

  • Ashraf A.
    11/03/2021 20:45

    Whatever people say about Piers Sir, one must admire his talent. I wish to be Piers Morgan one day.

  • David M.
    11/03/2021 10:53

    It’s all a ploy ! He’s got a new job already with facist Rupert Murdochs , new news programme. It’s a load of nonsense by him .

  • Chris M.
    11/03/2021 10:34

    Now COVID news is dying down’s all about the Megan saga...don’t know what’s least it was interesting watching him storm out.😂

  • Brinda R.
    11/03/2021 10:15

    Piers Morgan is a worthless waste of oxygen.

  • Tracy D.
    11/03/2021 08:31

    Piers Morgan is a highly principled, moral and honourable man. He is THE BEST Journalist who doesn't sugar-coat anything. So typical of Meghan, the Commoner, to deflect and not own her own actions. Now she has laid a complaint against Piers. First she uses the race card and now the so-called mental anguish. Thank goodness we have Journalists like Mr Piers Morgan who see right through this Commoners B-Grade acting.

  • Templeton J.
    11/03/2021 07:40

    I like piers still

  • Mary-Elizabeth C.
    11/03/2021 07:19

    Piers is straight to the point and hes stated his opinion loudly of many other people. Megan just go away please. Next u will be running for President USA.

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