• François C.
    24/05/2021 09:21

    Does it work with 40% relative humidity? Or up to what amount with enough efficientie? It looks close to what is called "cooler" in iran, also using evaporation of water.

  • Aroti B.
    12/07/2020 19:21

    Amazing !

  • Eric L.
    01/07/2020 06:33

    Same principle as evaporative cooling.

  • Andy R.
    28/06/2020 20:48

    this is pretty cool, and the pun on the name is pretty good lol

  • Devin M.
    27/06/2020 18:47

    This is traditionaly known as a swamp cooler, the evaporation media being made of terracota

  • Matthew M.
    27/06/2020 09:49

    Use the wind not only to go through the tubes but to lift the water that cycles over the tubes, completely wind powered AC

  • Cesar S.
    26/06/2020 22:06

    Put this terra cotta AC instead of fountain and waterfall

  • Sanja S.
    26/06/2020 17:11


  • Kev A.
    26/06/2020 17:10

    Circulating the same water without treatment will likely lead to legionnaires disease

  • Jonathan M.
    26/06/2020 16:55

    It's just a swamp cooler but made of clay.

  • John B.
    26/06/2020 15:34

    Coilin Bradley

  • Chris A.
    26/06/2020 15:08

    A neat take on the swamp cooler.

  • Tayef A.
    26/06/2020 14:49

    trypophobia triggered

  • Pat W.
    26/06/2020 14:17


  • Jonathan N.
    26/06/2020 13:47

    The only challenge here is reliance on the water source. To circulate the water you need electricity. If there is a way to avoid that (or reduce) this could become commercially viable.

  • Pwyngam P.
    26/06/2020 13:17

    Terracotta rooftiles have been used to cool buildings in hot countries for thousands of years (where water is available)

  • Jis J.
    26/06/2020 12:56

    Wow !! Carry on man ! You are on a right track. The world needs innovators like you . Great job!!!

  • Ryan R.
    26/06/2020 12:40

    ur fave

  • Carol M.
    26/06/2020 11:58

    Don’t give up! Brilliant!

  • Priscilla S.
    26/06/2020 11:33

    He's right. Putting these terracotta tubes as skin of that waterfall building in Guiyang, China, might works. 🤔

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