A Day In The Life Of A Snake Rescuer

While people his age scrolled through their phones, this young man was solving human-snake conflicts all across Mumbai 🐍.

02/01/2022 5:27 AM
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  • Subodh R.
    08/01/2022 19:42

    More of youth should follow him and govt should come forward to employ him meaningfully.

  • Javid S.
    06/01/2022 04:51

    Grear work dear

  • Amalia G.
    05/01/2022 19:46

    So passionate. Truly wish him the very best.. very very few like him. God Bless.

  • Amarjit K.
    05/01/2022 15:00

    Salute to you for your courage and passion

  • Asylme S.
    04/01/2022 18:09

    Such talent people should be given a job in the forest department..

  • Sumit B.
    04/01/2022 18:04

    I want to come here dant fit me …when ur free msg me as long

  • Zaid W.
    03/01/2022 19:02

    Try humans bro

  • Ashish M.
    03/01/2022 10:18

    Adil khan

  • Ashish M.
    03/01/2022 10:14

    Meet he is one of the best and elegant snake rescue expert.

  • Sukakumaran V.
    03/01/2022 08:42

    What a kind satisfaction, not many will have..thank you for been a wild life rescuers

  • Anjan K.
    03/01/2022 05:13

    Who are these people who think snake rescue is cool and fun task?

  • Mandeep S.
    03/01/2022 04:36

    Bhai vaise helmet seer par rakhne se kya Hota hai?? Usse theek se band Kia Kar . Kahi accident ho Gaya to vo to uchal Kar alag pad Jayega

  • Najma M.
    03/01/2022 03:47

    Very smart strong young man kudos to him

  • Hannah A.
    02/01/2022 23:58

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  • Ritesh B.
    02/01/2022 20:47

    this man do the same task - respect to you bro 🍀

  • Chetan R.
    02/01/2022 19:23

    लोकांमध्ये जनजागृती करणे, हे सर्वात महत्वाचे काम आहे. तो तुमच्या नाही, तर आपण त्यांच्या वाटेला जातो

  • শুভ্রজ্যোতি শ.
    02/01/2022 18:38

    ☝🏽 This guy need this type of appreciation too❤️❤️🔥👏🏻

  • Jay S.
    02/01/2022 17:53

    Sadly snakes are often detested animals around the world, and India is one of the few places that include snakes among god's creatures. Aboriginal Americans had spiritual traditions also with snakes.

  • Roger P.
    02/01/2022 17:44

    Wonderful 👍

  • Gaurav V.
    02/01/2022 16:37

    You are doing great job

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