• Vivek K.
    07/16/2019 18:19

    Thats a fantastic idea..👏👏👏

  • Mahesh K.
    07/16/2019 04:31

    Let's see how many rich Hindu Nationalist will purchase this

  • Syed A.
    07/14/2019 05:10

    We people are complaining about environmental changes and do nothing but this man taken a step to save environment and at the same time earn money whan an idea sirjii thankyou for your concern for about the environment

  • Shougato R.
    07/14/2019 04:02


  • Surjodeb B.
    07/14/2019 02:57

    Just curious, if the seeds are crushed like is likely in the flattened products here... Can they really still grow into any plant at all?!

  • Sangiit N.
    07/13/2019 05:49

    If I May, With Due Respect, And Nothing But The Utmost Humility, This Might Be A New Way To Make Sustainable Paper; But For The Unbounded Innocent, Vulnerable, Defenceless Sentient Cows, Enslaved By Our Human Subjugation, It Is Unfortunately, Yet Another Reason That Would Contribute To Their Wretched Servitude I Humbly Request Bheem Raj Sharma And Jagriti Sharma, To Kindly Consider Creating A Conscious Alternative, And Rebuild Gau Kirti, To Be A Truly Conscious Business Enterprise Pay Homage To Our Fellow Sentient Cows | Gau Mata; Through Conscious Living Choose To Lead A Sustainable Ethical Vegan Life: Support Or Create Cow Sanctuaries, Where They Could Lead A Life Of Dignity And Nurture Bheem Raj Sharma And Jagriti Sharma; Bring Forth And Nurture All Encompassing Compassion, Through Ethical Economics And Entrepreneurship, Enabling Conscious Living And Consumerism Much Love And Peace May We Keep The Faith And The Fight; Until Our Natural World, Our Fellow Sentient Beings, And Our Humanity, Is Truly Liberated EndNote Kindly Consider A Plant Derived Alternative To Cow Dung And Cow Unrine Please

  • Annu A.
    07/13/2019 04:29

    ... See this

  • Renuka D.
    07/11/2019 17:06

    Where can I get this in tamilnadu

  • Niraj P.
    07/09/2019 14:05


  • Mahesh S.
    07/07/2019 09:34

    Nice one this is very eco friendly

  • Sanjay B.
    07/06/2019 15:06

    Save the nature be natural.....

  • Dristi M.
    07/03/2019 14:14

    this is how gau mutra actually can be used

  • Bhavani T.
    06/30/2019 17:22

    Super idea sir and madame

  • Prasant K.
    06/29/2019 19:33

    Feeling proud that it was first discovered by an INDIAN

  • Manish
    06/29/2019 12:29

    Hari Sridharan anna

  • Pintu S.
    06/28/2019 13:43

    This what we call invention

  • Vikram P.
    06/28/2019 13:18

    That's not 🐄 it's gau mata desi gai not hybrid Or Holstein beaware

  • Geeta S.
    06/27/2019 04:36

    Very interesting job

  • Shankar P.
    06/27/2019 03:51

    see this

  • Amita K.
    06/23/2019 15:14