• Shersingh S.
    10/08/2021 05:34

    Good morning

  • Seema T.
    05/08/2021 15:31

    Totally agree.. 👍and that's the real face of society

  • Chintapalli A.
    21/07/2021 02:38

    Each and every word spoke by you are 100%right . you are an example for many woman who are suffering from this society .God bless you and ur family .

  • Adrian C.
    20/07/2021 21:18

    Same in Mexico Lady

  • Deepika G.
    20/07/2021 10:05

    Proud of you.....in my opinion only strong people can stand up against injustice.....and can dare to go ahead.... knowing all the odds and hurdles of divorce.....u r a strength and motivation to many females .... going through the same agony 🙏🙏

  • Lakshmi P.
    20/07/2021 07:12

    I wonder why an entire human gender has to ask for its rites in everything humans are supposed to do naturally.wearing clothes ,living life on your terms. And we call ourselves developed hell no!

  • Ritu V.
    20/07/2021 04:03

    I am a single parent too...and I feel you❤️ More power to you 🤗

  • Catherine W.
    20/07/2021 01:33

    Absolutely.fathers. Name is required even when the mother has full custody

  • Christy H.
    20/07/2021 00:47

    Me too ..i m single mom..u have done great job

  • Indranil M.
    19/07/2021 21:13

    I do agree with the hardships that a single mother go through but men too go through a lot of hardships. There is absolutely no law in the country if men are mentally harassed by wife or her family. There are numerous laws for women in this regard. False accusations can land up a man in jail while the only solution for a man to get out of mental harassment is a divorce. He even does not get child custody and the child stays with the narcissist. Today there are innumerable cases where men are suffering due to this but their voices are not heard. Patriarchy affects men too since they are not supposed to be emotional and harassment to men is not accepted in law/society, only women gets that right. I hope men come out and voice their troubles too. Divorce is a very personal choice but I have only seen women making a case for themselves stating how it is difficult for them, it is difficult for men too. Women from time to time have suffered due to abuse from men but today even men are suffering due to pseudo-feminism. No one is proud to be a divorcee and the man (in some cases) wants to be with the child too. If you want a father's name to be not mandatory in a legal document, there are whole set of laws that needs to be changed. I hope in this 21st century, we follow feminism in the truest sense and not misuse it.

  • Ashwinii C.
    19/07/2021 16:58


  • Nelson A.
    19/07/2021 07:16

    Never be ashamed of your circumstances, cos no one has worn your shoes and walked it. Divorce is not a crime nor a sin, you are entitled to a happy life, that's what you need to focus on. Enjoy your life and don't let anyone take that from you.

  • Anjum S.
    19/07/2021 03:52

    Whether divorced, single or married doesnt matter, people will judge u based on their own low mentality. Only way to live is to follow "bhaad mein jaaye janta". As far as noone pays ur bills u shud be least bothered n y shid a child cry when asked about parents, if wen discussed and explained what divorce means kids are much more adaptive then adults.

  • Sumi N.
    18/07/2021 17:18

    I totally agree with u.being a single parent myself....I'm so glad that you've had the courage and wisdom to speak out,on behalf of all the single parents out there who are doing a perfect job raising their kids single handedly!

  • Yamini S.
    18/07/2021 13:29

    You are a strong person...to withstand against all these issues and gave a beautiful meaning to your life

  • Karuna R.
    18/07/2021 11:37

    Only women face these issues, divorced men can live socially happy. But not in the case of divorced women. We are down-graded all the time.

  • Vikram S.
    18/07/2021 10:41

    The key to standing alone and standing tall is economic strength. Period.

  • Amanda L.
    18/07/2021 09:47

    Damm society

  • Shreya G.
    18/07/2021 08:21

    So true

  • Guru G.
    18/07/2021 07:13

    Yahi Baat To ... Mulla ... Samjhata H

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