A Wounded Puppy’s Cinderella Story

Had some policemen not rescued her and treated her injuries, she would have probably died on the streets of Kolkata. But Asha not only survived, she grew smart enough to join the city’s elite dog squad. 🐶👮💕

03/16/2019 3:53 AM
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  • Shubhashis D.
    01/09/2020 19:59

    Excellent job sir

  • Pranav S.
    07/05/2019 20:31

    This is a great initiative i think they should train all the street dogs in such manner and make there lifes better.

  • Monika C.
    05/21/2019 14:20

    Good thinking

  • Anwar H.
    03/31/2019 14:39

    Pretty sure this was not a samaritan effort but a cost cutting effort. West Bengal is a place where people will squabble over 1 INR for half an hour and cops will be happy to run for 100 metres after a 5 rupee coin thrown at them as bribe. A perenially debt ridden state, this is definitely a planed cost cutting move.

  • Pramita P.
    03/30/2019 12:00

    Employment is getting created

  • Petra G.
    03/27/2019 02:08

    Im not indian, and i loooove street dogs. Indis are so smart and beautiful. Unfortunately its your own people who support breeders. We have many indians here and 99% of them want pedigree only 😬 while the native dogs are million times more beautiful, healthier and smarter. I hope ppl open their eyes and see not everything coming from Europe is better than what you find in India ❤️❤️❤️ your dogs rock 👍👍👍

  • Gourav G.
    03/25/2019 10:08


  • Mittali S.
    03/24/2019 01:39


  • Gowtham A.
    03/23/2019 21:55

    Proud of Asha, our own native dog

  • Sudipta D.
    03/23/2019 19:11

    power of desi dog

  • Saravanan K.
    03/23/2019 13:00

    Asha I luv u baby hats off to you

  • Harsha M.
    03/23/2019 03:35

    Indian 🐕 dog,👏👏

  • Mona S.
    03/23/2019 01:54

    Stop creating demand for breeds.

  • Mona S.
    03/23/2019 01:54

    Please take in all street puppies and train them in police dog squad

  • Yuvaraj V.
    03/22/2019 14:46

    Hope they bring more native dogs in instead of imported once.

  • Priyankshi S.
    03/22/2019 12:32


  • Aniket M.
    03/22/2019 03:51

    Love you sir with due respect for you

  • Surekha J.
    03/21/2019 18:50

    Thankyou kind police officers who saved her. Hope there are more such puppies and dogs saved and adopted into loving homes.

  • Megha S.
    03/21/2019 12:41

    look at this talented cutie

  • Amith G.
    03/21/2019 11:17

    Hats off sir... Your Department had taken a very good and sensitive initiative....