Abhijit Banerjee On Why Savings Are Important

ABHIJIT BANERJEE IN THE CLASSROOM: In an MIT lecture in 2013, the latest poster boy of development economics offered golden tips on who should save and who shouldn't. #tbt

10/31/2019 4:57 AM
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  • Mahantesh H.
    2 days

    Is he drunk?

    2 days

    Practical story .. Saving money .....

  • Soumik N.
    2 days

    He looks soooooo stoned 🙈

  • Gaurav S.
    2 days

    Another bong after Amartya Sen who got Noble after marrying a jew and American citizen. Utter nonsense and bullshit. Very common things which every common Indian knows.

  • Arnie W.
    4 days

    With all due respect to Banerjee... he is a leftist and look what leftist and communists have done to West Bengal... bengal is the worst state in India when it comes to jobs and political violence! Its very evident that neither Abhijit’s ideology nor his research has any positive effect on ground in his own state!

  • Tanmoy M.
    5 days

    All Bhakts are judging him by a 2minute edited video of his lecture. Im sure if they get chance to attend his lecture they wont understand anything as they will only pleased when their leader will speak about Cow urine ..

  • Suvadeep B.
    7 days

    People save because of tomorrow's uncertainties. And savings bring stoppage to circulation of money. So , if Govt is able and willing to remove uncertainties from all of people's lives(Govt will look after health, education, shelter, food, clothings) , then people are worryfree and they will buy things and make the economy roll rather than only saving up money for tomorrow as he/she's so much afraid of tomorrow's uncertainties and bring the economy a standstill. Money was made to use this as token/ticket to buy other products, not to save up for eternal and putting an end to product against product circulation.

  • Gaurav B.
    11/13/2019 18:18

    So, Mr. Banerjee's grandfather grew richer over time? That's what he wanted to imply?

  • Gautam S.
    11/13/2019 16:44

    High level ki economics hai bhai.. Sar k upar se chala gaya 😇😇

  • Pranav J.
    11/12/2019 23:34

  • Nilesh K.
    11/11/2019 14:58

    This subject is same everywhere(depthwise) whether taught in MIT classrooms or at village chaupal..

  • Saumyajit B.
    11/08/2019 18:25

    Eta dekh mon diye

  • Arpan K.
    11/08/2019 05:17

    Own wedding🤣😑😂

  • Shyamal K.
    11/07/2019 04:07


  • Uttam S.
    11/07/2019 02:37

    Brut wale nisikant dubey ki video chal rahe par Marlena wali Nahi Congress brokers hi hain

  • Dev G.
    11/06/2019 23:56

    give sauce

  • Adnan J.
    11/06/2019 19:10

    explain tomorrow

  • Anindita C.
    11/06/2019 17:05

    maa ekhane toh dekhi bhaloi bolche. 🤣

  • Vijay R.
    11/06/2019 17:03

    He may be a ineligent but certainly not wise.

  • Parna K.
    11/06/2019 16:51

    Camellia Kumar