Activist Licypriya’s Dad In Jail

India’s Greta Thunberg has a problem. It’s her dad.

10/06/2021 5:27 PM
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  • Priyanka B.
    24/06/2021 16:12

    Hence truth prevailed

  • Soreiyo K.
    21/06/2021 07:58

    There should be a law where children's need to get their education. I have been telling, her social media accounts are managed by their parents. Fact is she was forced to achieve their parents target not her. Now as her father is at jail, there is no activities anymore. Climate change activist idea was to get funds and which it did well during lockdown oxygen supply but all got Caught as the supply they provided to people turned out they were charge on rent basis.

  • Tom T.
    17/06/2021 10:18

    It is the real serious men.

  • Sachin H.
    14/06/2021 15:40

    Perfect candidate for BigBoss 😁

  • Abhishek K.
    14/06/2021 11:08

    The whole family was in bhubaneswar from 2016-2018. No activism was there at that time. The father was doing frauds and the children were normal school goers. No one even knew them. Come to Bhubaneswar, Odisha if you need any facts

  • Mominur N.
    13/06/2021 14:11

    Congratulations everyone

  • Ne T.
    13/06/2021 12:56

    Clown doing clown shit . Emily vessels make more sound . Be like who do real work . U go play with your doll girl

  • Ne T.
    13/06/2021 12:53

    Stop making these clown famous . They do nothing in the name of environmental activist. They just shout . How many people know about the forest man of India ? He doesn't make sound like those empty vessels . He make sound with his real work 🙏🙏

  • Akash B.
    13/06/2021 05:23

    Plz don't attach Greta thunberg name with her.. zeenim aur aasman ka Farak Jaante ho..

  • Ricki R.
    12/06/2021 14:27

    People here are like "Oh the brave child" etc. It's this attitude that's encouraging the exploitation of children. Check the one on one interview with these kids and you realise they have nothing kuch to say but just parroting what's taught by adults.. Unscrupulous parents using kids for fame and fast bucks and free travel. High tine this facade is ended.

  • Tarun K.
    12/06/2021 07:59


  • Simun S.
    12/06/2021 06:40

    Who cut tree on Facebook?.. 😎

  • Johnson M.
    12/06/2021 05:10

    Love this child, but hate her father. God bless her.

  • Robson Y.
    11/06/2021 21:05

    Please remove this fake page from the platform to prevent further fraud.

  • Simardeep S.
    11/06/2021 14:04

    Fake girl 👧

  • Ronaldo T.
    11/06/2021 13:09

  • Ronaldo T.
    11/06/2021 13:06

  • Ronaldo T.
    11/06/2021 12:46

    Please read the TOI article on Licypriya. As a fellow Manipuri and Inidan, I am ashamed of what has been brewing here. People need to comprehend that this child was forced to drop out of school at class 2 by her conman father, made to do pseudo climate activism without any knowledge about climate change, dupe lakhs and rob people of their money. She is a child horrendously abused by her father. There was an interview where she had no clear idea about climate change and was more interested in playing with her dog whilst her father was only interested in promotion. She gave the same answers to different questions in different interviews after her father made her memorise them. She only obeyed what her father made her do as she is a child. In Madrid she plagiarized the entire speech of Severn (1992). If she and her father were climate conscious, wouldn't they be aware of severn who is a milestone in this field? This is the same case as that of the movie "Serious Men". Only here the father is ruthless, lying, fraudster who has no concern about his daughter's future whatsoever. I've tried reaching out to Brut and many other platforms to cover this issue of how a child is being abused and used unbeknownst to herself and the gullible public. Miles of text won't be enough to cater to KK Singh's crimes. Please relay the fact that the entirety of this activism scam was perpetrated by her conman father to clean his image, gain legitimacy and simultaneously scam people of their hard earned money, hiding behind the mask of innocence.

  • Tsamchoe W.
    11/06/2021 10:24

    Keep strong ..Keep moving for environnement which seems to be the source of your energy, your dream , Lichyprya your father’s errors were NOT committed by you . ✌️

  • فاطمة ح.
    11/06/2021 09:04

    Typically India