Ahmad Shah Massoud, Who Fought Off The Taliban

He was a symbol of the resistance against the Taliban until he was killed. Now, his son has taken up the fight to defend Panjshir — a region the Taliban now claims to have captured. This is the story of Ahmad Shah Massoud.

07/09/2021 1:27 PMupdated: 07/09/2021 1:29 PM
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  • Madalina E.
    12/10/2021 19:37


  • Ayyaz A.
    13/09/2021 03:14

    ISI WINS💯🎯

  • Rafey K.
    12/09/2021 20:53

    They are a tiny minority and india and it's media presents them as the main leaders of Afghanistan, aren't these back to back defeats in proxy war enough for you to learn the lesson? Afghanistan belongs to Pakhtuns and they have taken it back.

  • Bidari P.
    12/09/2021 08:05


  • Gull K.
    11/09/2021 11:44

    Ahmad shah massud or Mula Massud ek e shaks hain?

  • SHeIkH T.
    11/09/2021 09:01

    Now he is a losser

  • Graeme K.
    11/09/2021 06:43


  • Harman A.
    11/09/2021 01:16

    Sher ahmed masood

  • Shankar G.
    10/09/2021 11:51

    some fights are not fought for victories but for principles also. may god keep you safe.

  • Saif A.
    10/09/2021 10:06

    The fighters son who ran away leaving its people to be killed. Shame on you. You are not the hero you are a traitor.

  • Feroz W.
    10/09/2021 06:08

    u r the traitors of Afghanistan ppl

  • Naseeb U.
    10/09/2021 04:17

    the last hope of India and western world....

  • Ayyat A.
    10/09/2021 04:15

    Western dog

  • Mustafa S.
    10/09/2021 01:55

    American weapons, vehicles and drones have made a lot of difference in making the Taliban more powerful. Now they want strengthen this Man, make him a Hero to fight against Taliban and guess what more innocent Afghan people will die. If USA & NATO have negotiated why don't He negotiate for peace in Afghanistan..

  • Muhammad A.
    09/09/2021 17:06

    Billion of dollars lost in the land of warriors feeling sad for india

  • Bin R.
    09/09/2021 17:03

    Another western puppet in Afghanistan is coming to an end.

  • M A.
    09/09/2021 14:48

    don't divide the country in the name of Ahmed shah masood. Actually he or his family created a personal empire with in the country and no country in world can allow this. You Mr. Masood having a luxury life in luxeury houses trying to brake your country. Now you are a traitor.

  • Sulaimon A.
    09/09/2021 11:25

    Why can't they fight against NATO invasion before they left.

  • Mridu O.
    09/09/2021 10:59

    What do you mean by "was"?

  • Muhammed G.
    09/09/2021 07:40

    How was the tea

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